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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 265
Pendulum: 392
Destiny: 221
Prophecy: 279
Strife: 23
Agreement - PayPal
By purchasing premium you are agreeing not to charge back the money which is a violation of our rules, and as such will result in immediate deletion of all characters which do belong to the player. The purchase is an agreement between
Medivia and the player in which Medivia is obligated to provide premium time to the player within a day once the payment is received in our PayPal account, and the player is obligated not to create any dispute. However, a player can request to dispute or chargeback on PayPal under the following rules:

1. Player did not use or sell to another player any purchases and player did not acquire them via Redeem button in game.
Agreement - paysafecard
The purchase is an agreement between Medivia and the player in which Medivia is obligated to provide premium time to the player right away once the payment is received and confirmed by the paysafecard system.

You will be able to use one of these methods here as soon as you login in into your account (Account section).
Medivia Coins
Medivia Coins are a currency within the game world which you can purchase with real money. This currency can be used to purchase all premium articles (premium scrolls, house scrolls, home depots, etc.) within the game.

Premium articles can be found in so called store (left top icon after logging into the game, right next to hotkeys and questlog). Apart from allowing the purchase of premium articles, Medivia coins make the trading of premium articles a lot easier as a potential buyer can use them for whatever article he wants.

After you have purchased any Medivia coins you can log into one of your character and click Redeem button within in-game store window (top-left corner). Please be aware that you can not transfer Medivia coins among different game worlds.
Transfer Service
Transfer service is a possibility to transfer your character between worlds of Legacy and Destiny which is available under account section (transfer character). However, it should be noted that if you would like to transfer your character again within a period of less than 180 days you will need to purchase this service two times for a single transfer like that.
Recovery Key
Recovery Key is a premium product which lets you generate a brand new recovery key for your account in case if you lost the old one. The new recovery key will be sent to currently registered email address on the account.
Store Prices
Please note that Medivia reserves the right to change prices at any time in the store. However if you have purchased a product that got changed in price within a timespan of 3 days you can get a refund in the form of difference in Medivia Coins.
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