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Dear players

Following changes were made as of today:

- The Anniversary Event has ended. Cake ingredients no longer drop from hostile creatures.
- Confectioner Lorraine has been moved to the ca...
2 weeks ago
Posted by Iryont 16 Comments
Dear players

Isingoma shall arise from sand for the fourth time to wreak havoc and bring terror to the citizens of Najira!
Once again developers shall control the boss, be ready when the time come...
4 weeks ago
Posted by Eldrin 8 Comments
Dear players.

We would like to reveal some information on the update we are currently working on.
It focuses mostly on demons and their connections to the world of Medivia.
The public test serve...
1 month ago
Posted by Saphron 2 Comments
Dear players

We are happy to inform you about a special anniversary we will be celebrating soon. On July 29th, we will be celebrating 10 years of Medivia being online (to be more specific - ...
1 month ago
Posted by Iryont 5 Comments
Dear players

Due to quite extended update we have decided to post the changes as news rather than a changelog. Please make sure to update your game client to the newest version. That being said, fo...
2 months ago
Posted by Iryont 14 Comments
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