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6 hours ago

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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 40
Pendulum: 133
Destiny: 43
Prophecy: 129
Dear players

While we are still working on the main land update, we prepared a smaller content update for you to enjoy! We are aware that players are longing for more content and we took some time ...
2 days ago
Posted by Kelarn 13 Comments
Welcome Medivians!
In today's post, we're presenting you a new city! On the northern shore lies the frosty and vast city of Thoris.
I don't think there is a city as rich and open to merchants as Tho...
5 days ago
Posted by Saphron 3 Comments
Dear Players,

We are glad to show you further new additions of the coming update. Furthermore, we can finally give you an idea of the shape of the main land with the first official map overview of ...
1 month ago
Posted by Saphron 10 Comments
The Messiah is coming from ordinary lands yet long forgotten.
Three Wise Men with him are walking.
One in red robes clothed, his tongue demonic and knowledge ancient.
The second azure, like a beaut...
5 months ago
Posted by Siegriel 25 Comments
Dear players

Due to recent adjustments to our detection system of using possible unofficial softwares to play the game we decided it will be a good time to open a new low rate world hosted in Europ...
5 months ago
Posted by Iryont 135 Comments
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