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2 weeks ago

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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 295
Pendulum: 253
Destiny: 133
Prophecy: 127
Unity: 99
Purity: 394
Dear players,
The winter season is finally here, and with it Santa Claus returns once again to reward you for all the good deeds you have done this past year. Naturally, this time of year is filled w...
1 month ago
Posted by Saphron 1 Comments
Dear players

The Halloween house competition ended and we would like to reveal results.
We are very happy with how the event turned out and how many of you took part in the event.

The results w...
2 months ago
Posted by Eldrin 0 Comments
Dear Players,

We would like to announce another house competition.
This competition is about decorating your house or guild hall in the theme of Halloween.

The reason for this competition is to...
3 months ago
Posted by Eldrin 45 Comments
Dear players

The Halloween time is upon us and each year the dangerous creature named Face of Decay is rising from the dead. Being immortal, he cannot be killed and he can only be locked away in th...
3 months ago
Posted by Saphron 1 Comments
Dear players

For some time already we have been thinking about how to make Medivia more friendly to free account players. That being the case, for a start, we have come to the conclusion that free ...
4 months ago
Posted by Iryont 12 Comments
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