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2 days ago

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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 434
Spectrum: 152
Destiny: 461
Dear players

In the past few weeks we haven't posted any new teasers regarding update, so it is about time we change that! As far as we can tell the updates we are currently working on are the most...
3 days ago
Posted by Iryont 81 Comments
Dear players

As promised within the previous news we are now releasing a full genesis featuring a new minimap with a concept for the mainland. It should be noted that since this whole update was di...
2 months ago
Posted by Iryont 128 Comments
Dear players

Due to unexpected internal issues we had a generic delay in the development, but we did manage to get back on track despite them. Anyway, it is about time to post teasers showing the c...
4 months ago
Posted by Iryont 115 Comments
Greetings, Medivians.

I've made this thread to say goodbye and offer a an interesting read before I go, a retrospective look on what has been accomplished over the past years, and what the Medivia ...
5 months ago
Posted by Shiva 19 Comments
I came to the conclusion that it would be wise to inform you about the changes in game we (developers) do plan to implement within this year, so you won't be surprised about what is meant to happen an...
5 months ago
Posted by Iryont 187 Comments
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