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1 day ago

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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 382
Pendulum: 185
Destiny: 250
Dear players

As you all know the development of the game is at full throttle and currently we have more developers than even before to meet the demand of the updates we are currently facing (e.g. c...
1 week ago
Posted by Iryont 37 Comments
Dear Medivians!
We encourage you to study the gallery we present you today, with the brand new screenshots of our newest, dwarven city Mittenhoff. Its multi-consignation design will surely give you s...
2 weeks ago
Posted by Saphron 23 Comments
Medivia 2018 Event
Halloween is coming!

Dear players

As you all know the Halloween is just around the corner, so we thought about a special event prepared with a feedback from players themselve...
2 weeks ago
Posted by Saphron 15 Comments
Dear players

We would like to announce that on every world on 23.09.2018 (8 hours after server save) Isingoma shall rise for the first time, be ready to face his warriors!

1 month ago
Posted by Saphron 13 Comments
Dear players

In the last few weeks we have been discussing ideas of how to solve lack of runes problem in game. Personally I've been monitoring the situation in the game itself and I'm afraid that ...
2 months ago
Posted by Iryont 86 Comments
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