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2 weeks ago

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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 148
Pendulum: 301
Destiny: 122
Prophecy: 124
Strife: 0
Dear players

Every day the Mainland Update is getting closer to release and that's why we decided to push more teasers of what we are currently working on.
We don't really want to spoil stuff, so ...
1 week ago
Posted by Eldrin 18 Comments
Dear players

The first edition of Strife has ended and the game world was closed until the next season.
We hope that you had great fun fighting, especially in the very first week, when all of you ...
1 week ago
Posted by Saphron 9 Comments
The house competition ended a week ago. We wanted to reveal results earlier but there were more important matters to attend to such as Isingoma event and the attribute patch.
We are very happy with h...
2 weeks ago
Posted by Saphron 7 Comments
Dear players

We would like to hear your feedback and opinions about new formulas and changes in how two-handed weapons will work, therefore we decided to open a public test server, where you can ru...
3 weeks ago
Posted by Eldrin 33 Comments
Dear players

As you may have heard, some of the current formulas will undergo changes. I will explain what is going to change and why we decided to work on them.
We would like to hear your feedbac...
3 weeks ago
Posted by Eldrin 46 Comments
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