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6 days ago

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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 212
Spectrum: 26
Destiny: 34
Dear players

We would like to thank all players who participated in test server and helped us release update faster. For all the efforts we decided to reward each player accordingly to input during...
3 weeks ago
Posted by Saphron 41 Comments
Dear players

We would like to thank all the players who did help us on the test server. It has been a pleasure to work with you all and surprisingly it was a really great idea to have a public test...
1 month ago
Posted by Iryont 103 Comments
Dear players

After an intense discussion we have decided to try an open test server with a single purpose - to find as many bugs as possible before the final release of the update. In such case we ...
2 months ago
Posted by Iryont 19 Comments
Dear players

As we have already informed within one of main threads the update will be a bit delayed due to workload we didn't anticipate. However, please rest assured that besides that everything ...
4 months ago
Posted by Iryont 123 Comments
Dear players

The current iteration of Pendulum will be shutdown on 24th of November (Friday right after the server save). Please be advised that it would be wise to use any re...
5 months ago
Posted by Iryont 78 Comments
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