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Last post 6 days ago by Burde Podrio (14 Cleric of Prophecy) 100 Threads
If you have any questions regarding the server please ask them here - no level restriction.
Last post 1 day ago by unknown 1969 Threads
Conversations regarding our game client.
Last post 16 hours ago by Nena Canela (22 Cleric of Destiny) 254 Threads
General talk about anything related to Medivia.
Last post 1 hour ago by Khavatari (144 Ranger of Legacy) 4280 Threads
Share your screenshots and movies with other players!
Last post 23 hours ago by Masterdarklordoftheworld (99 Ranger of Destiny) 762 Threads
Conversations related to PVP on Medivia.
Last post 3 hours ago by Mister'Feinzi (127 Knight of Pendulum) 956 Threads
Propose and discuss ideas on how to improve the game.
Last post 18 minutes ago by Pyruzz (317 Archmage of Pendulum) 3668 Threads
Did you find something wrong in game? You should report it here.
Last post 4 days ago by Purple Dream (83 Knight of Pendulum) 62 Threads
Private forum.
Last post 1 month ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) 30 Threads
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