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22:05 Markwin: Now that you are officially part of the minotaur faction you may use our rafting system. Sergeant Hornrage will bring you from Mintwallin to our other men located north of the human town Osaris. Just ask him for a passage if you want to travel...

mino camp is not north of osaris :D
Posted 1 year ago by Corndog (151 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
Typo when talking to Rashed about executioner outfit.

23:12 Rashed: You come for my blessing don't you? Do you even know how important job it is to kill sinners in my name? Have you ever thought about how impotant it is for these poor souls to have a sacred execution process?...

impotant missing an R
Posted 1 year ago by Chris Sharma (403 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Some minor typos I spotted when getting access to Foreign Lands:

First dialogue with the boat captain in garrogat:
Captain Breg: If you really wish to travel there you have to convince Daniel Steelsoul about enabling the searoute again. <<< Daniel Steelsoul?

Then theres a typo when one talks to Ruppel
Ruppel Heldmann: Your bravery is admirable but I'm afraid I will not change my mind so easily. As long as you have no official buisness on that island I will not allow you access to it, Meert. Sorry. << BUISNESS

And again, the Queen talks about Daniel Steelsoul
Queen Eloise: So Daniel Steelsoul is not allowing you to sail to the foreign lands? Well, I am sure he has his reasons. If he says it is too dangerous, it must be true. Nevertheless...
Posted 1 year ago by Meert (313 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Elf Faction
Mission 3: For Ab'Dendriel! is bugged.

21:28 Korra: hi
21:28 Eroth: I greet thee, outsider.
21:28 Korra: mission

No response. I have finished Mission 2: c) How to Spear, and my elven outfit seems to be missing.
Posted 1 year ago by Korra (87 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Quest log is not correct here.
Posted 1 year ago by Chris Sharma (403 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Elf Faction
Mission 5a: For Ab'Dendriel! is bugged.

I made a dwarf slayer I gave it back I got the experience I wrote to Elathriel: hi mission and it does not suit me please help
Posted 1 year ago by Nevi (266 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
When finishing Osaris Faction, the Caliph says he can get me a hood, but I need a quiver first. Should be that I would need a decent bow I guess.

23:28 Caliph Khanrad: Just talk to me about the hood if you are interested but make sure to carry a decent quiver first.
Posted 1 year ago by Concealed (300 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
16:43 The Gatekeeper: xxxxx, ARE YOU PREPARED O FACE YOUR DESTINY?
Gatekeeper on Premium side of Novus
Posted 1 year ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
20:21 Pino: Greetings, traveller Rocco Hung.
20:21 Rocco Hung: abukir
20:21 Rocco Hung: yes
20:21 Pino: Do you want me to take you to Abukir for 60 gold coins?
20:21 Rocco Hung: yes

All new NPCs (and edited npcs) are slow, if you type "yes" too fast, you have to say it twice. I'm pretty sure I've already reported this years ago.
Posted 1 year ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
You might have reported it, but it is not a bug. This is how it is supposed to work and will work from now on. NPCs are not meant to be machines, but they should act a bit human like. You should expect a response before the next action can be performed (causality).

Regarding the test reports - I will pass it to other developers. Thank you.
Posted 1 year ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
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