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Medivia update - 4.20
Dear players

Due to quite extended update we have decided to post the changes as news rather than a changelog. Please make sure to update your game client to the newest version. That being said, following changes were made as of today:

Client changes:
- Added boss health bar that appears when you encounter a boss creature.
- Added four new cursors.
- Changed the colour of offline players in your VIP list to gray instead of red.
- Changed battlelist icons.
- Locked UI windows must be unlocked in order to close them.
- Locked containers with parent must be unlocked in order to open a parent container.
- The game client no longer contains or or is capable of using non-HD sprites. They were obsolete since the introduction of HD sprites and they were finally removed for the sake of further development of the game.

- Added early game weapon for mages - wands.
- To use a wand, player must aim with it like a rune.
- Wand can only be used from hand slot and are one-handed.
- Wands hold charges, that can be recharged using a Recharge Wand spell.
- Replaced Enchant Staff spell with Recharge Wand spell.

Creature changes:
- Creatures debuffed by divine flame are now marked for duration of the debuff.
- Bats do not run away and drop food now.
- Lowered maximum combo of blue wyverns without changing average damage per second.
- Gorgons are now slightly resistant to energy damage.
- Slightly increased healing of sphinxes.
- Increased healing of demons.
- Undead dragons received new attack that decreases target's magic level for 10 seconds.
- Bee's and wasps drop food now.
- Increased chance to drop food of animals.
- Added butterflies and few types of birds.
- Lowered movement speed of Shadow, to match the speed of Weakened Shadow.
- Renamed Amazon to Rogue.
- Renamed Valkyrie to Mercenary.
- Renamed Valkyrie Cavalry to Mercenary Cavalry.
- Renamed Behemoth to Titan.
- Lowered armor, defense and melee damage of Stone Rotworm.
- Decreased health of Energy Elementals.
- Decreased haste of Giant Energy Elementals.
- Changed Ashlord's attacks from fire type to death type.
- Ashlord will now summon ash imps instead of fire elementals.
- Dark Grims are stronger now (reverted nerf change).
- Non-hostile ritualists spawned during Tenebraex boss fight are now more resistant to all types of damage.
- Non-hostile ritualists heal spiritual fountain for more health.
- Spiritual fountain spawns more ritualists now.
- Black serpent attack of spiritual fountain deals more damage now.
- Added Wild Gryphon monster.

Spawn Changes:
- Made slight changes to the Arcanum Warlock spawn e.g. opened up 2 doors that were previously locked and moved a few warlocks to avoid huge combos.
- Moved 1 Sabertooth north of Thoris cyclops spawn a bit further up to avoid running into them too quickily.
- Moved crocodile north east of Arak that causes havoc among low levels.
- Added a few more snakes to the spawn north east of Arak.
- Added a few more bats in Arak sewers to hopefully avoid too much walking on lower leveled characters without anything to attack.
- Removed ghouls from Iron Helmet Quest.
- Removed revenant from Arak Life Ring Quest.
- Removed killer and mud wasps south east of Arak spawn.
- Removed 1 maggot from the south west higher floors.
- Changed catacombs under Thoris, left side has more skeletons now and no ghouls. Right side is mainly for ghouls now and has less skeletons.
- Changed pickspots to normal spots south of Thoris crystal beetles caves.
- Changed pickspots to normal spots south east of Eschen rotworms.
- Changed a few sqms in the Demon Helmet Quest area.
- Lowered and equalized spawn timers of Demons in Garrogat.
- Changed Alphabeast spawn in Forgula slightly. Added more dirt areas and stones to run around.
- Equalized spawn timers of heroes in Garrogat.
- Equalized 1 chimera on Foreign Lands that had slightly higher spawn timer.
- Equalized spawn timers of giant spiders in Coldridge.
- Equalized spawn timers of sandskull spiders in Abukir.
- Aividem has been enlarged to the south with an addition of the new outlaw camp.
- Aividem towers have enlarged, making AoE attacks of hostile creatures possible to dodge.
- Aividem weaker creatures take a long time to respawn now.
- Aividem castle has windows on top floors now.
- Decreased spawn timers in Forgula catacombs for the following creatures: Demon, Abominations, Undead Behemoths, Undead Dragon.
- Northern Dark Grim Spawn: added few single dark grims, turned every double or triple dark grims group into a single dark grim, removed gate and lever.
- Southern Dark Grim Spawn: added few single/double/triple dark grims groups, turned few single/double dark grim group into a double/triple dark grim group, increased respawn time of every creature.
- Increased respawn time of Ashlords.

Item Changes:
- Using active ability of the staff of the primordial fire (boost resistances) or the divine flame on players no longer require having player killing mode on.
- Decreased the light radius of the christmas lamp.
- Fruits picked from bushes are now pushed to backpack.
- Window shutters can now be closed.
- Few books have been added regarding the desert south of Eschen.
- Weight of premium and golden premium bags was removed.
- Presence of Mind attribute now procs every 8th food and meal mana regeneration tick.
- Decreased weight of angelic legs.
- Occupied cots are walkable now and have corrected elevation.
- Intense healing runes, ultimate healing runes and potions (mana fluids, potion of power, etc.) will now be used on caster instead of top most creature, if there is more than one creature on the same position.
- Added pickupable eatable mushrooms in forests of Arak.
- Blessed amulet and amulet of the elements can be now enchanted using a blessed sigil.
- Added bright white light to Sacred Arbalest.

Graphical changes:
- Added new grass tufts to Arak.
- Added new flowers to Arak.
- Added new type of fog.
- Added various types of birds that fly away when you get near them.
- Added leaves and small grass.
- Overhauled Arak and surroundings with better details.
- Overhauled Osaris with better details (walls, floors, stairs).
- Changed most of stone sprites.
- Changed stone wall to a new sprite.
- Changed brick wall to a new sprite.
- Changed ice wall in Icenhaal to a new sprite.
- Changed knight statue too a new sprite.
- Changed stone brick wall to a new sprite.
- Changed certain grass sprite that is, for example, used on top of the Central Circle houses or Osaris.
- Changed basic tapestries to a new sprite.
- Changed bonfire to a new sprite.
- Changed carpet to a new sprite.
- Changed the ships of Eschen to the new model.
- Changed most of stone related sprites.
- Changed sprites of signs for better visibility.
- Changed female Sorcerer outfit.
- Changed bridge texture.
- Changed sprite of fire in the Foreign Lands.
- Changed sprites of several amulets.
- Changed sprites of palisades.
- Changed sprite of small hole.
- Changed sprite of flags.
- Changed sprite of strawberries.
- Changed sprite of sand and all sprites related (borders, water borders).
- Changed sprite of second type of skull.
- Changed sprite of face for all female outfits.
- Changed sprite of dirt and fertile dirt on farms.
- Changed sprite of Blue Wyvern's Frost Nova attack.
- Changed sprite of windows.
- Changed sprite of home-forge so that it covers only one sqm.
- Changed sprite of color bags to fit the backpacks.
- Changed sprite of distance attack of fire, poison and energy.
- Changed rock soil sprite.
- Changed sprite of blue fire basin in Holibar tomb.
- Changed sprite of a trapdoor.
- Improved animation of candles.
- Changed sprite of candlestick.
- Changed distance effect of energy attacks and some bolts for better visibility.
- Changed frozen ham sprite.
- Changed imperial soldier set.
- Changed sprite of grass and flowers around Lucindel.
- Changed sprite of boxes.
- Changed sprite of crystals.
- Changed sprite of stone debris.
- Changed brass and chain set.
- Changed sprite of axe.
- Changed sprite of behemoth, undead behemoth and abomination.
- Changed sprite of hangable behemoth trophy, behemoth doll, abomination doll.
- Improved knight set and crown boots, crown shield and wooden maul.
- Added additional fire distance effect to one of the attacks of Phoenix.
- Changed sprite of a purple searing fire.
- Changed most of creature products, skinning knives.
- Changed beach sand, gravel and mountain sprite.
- Improved dirt wall.
- Wasp has updated corpse now.
- Swapped addons of female mage outfit.
- Depot of Lucindel has a few more mailboxes.
- Depot of Garrogat is slightly changed.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that teleported player inside a mast when travelling to Thoris.
- Fixed a bug that reduced damage taken when a player who had an item equipped with Amplify Magic Shield attribute has ran out of mana.
- Fixed a bug in Aividem in where players could throw their lootbags in an unreachable spot behind the black smoke.
- Fixed a big wall north of Skylane Flat 03 that wasn't part of the house.
- Fixed a bug that enabled players to skip part of the Plaguebringers of Abukir quest.

- Added music to Thoris, Thoris surroundings, Holdangraff, Dynahall and Aividem.
- Added Ambience sounds to the country of Eschen, Thoris and Mittenhoff mountains.
- Added Ambience sounds to Mittenhoff Mountains.
- Added Ambience sounds to the country of Thoris.
- Added Ambience sounds to Aividem.
- Heartbeat sound at low health was reassigned from Ambient to Other (UI) sound category.
- Torch Sound Effect is looped now.
- Horse Sound Effects were changed.
- Dog Sound Effects were changed.
- Sheep Sound Effects were changed.
- Wolf Sound Effects were changed.
- Goat Sound Effects were changed.
- Lowered Chicken sound effect in volume.

- Added aquarium and fish roes to the store offer.
- Added blessed sigil to the store offer.
- Added fishing net to the store offer.
- Added fish bait to the store offer.
- Added few types of runes to the store offer*.
- Outfits obtainable through the Store can now be used also by free account players.
- Few items that are purchasable from the store are no longer obtainable from Mystery Box.
- Added list of all obtainable items from Mystery Box in the description.

* As this is a common occurrence on the black market whether we all like it or not, we have decided to actually gain something out of it with our own store offers to help the game grow even further with its development.

- Added a basic tutorial for completely new players to understand the game better.
- Changed and improved the tutorial that follows after the basic tutorial.
- Completing Good Soldier quest (tutorial quest) gives enough experience points to reach level 8.
- Moved Elanor to the north of temple and revamped her old building to a wizard tower.
- Removed the abandoned village south east of Novus to fit our new basic tutorial.
- Replaced life fluid in Hyacinth's offer with lesser healing runes.
- Al Dee now sells furniture.

- Cleared any unfinishable quests from quest log.
- Added Devil's Pit quest.
- Added Dragon's Treasure quest.
- Added Blacksmith's Supplies quest.
- Added Snake Charmer quest.
- Added following quest items to Draculd's offer: sand emblem, golden mug, divine flame.
- Increased difficulty of The Tower of Eternal Energy Quest.
- Changed reward of Tower of Eternal Energy Quest and cleared quest's progress of every character.
- Increased money reward for completing Need more heat quest from 100 gold coins to 4 platinum coins.
- Marid and Efreet Faction quests now count as one quest in the quest log.
- Helping a friend: Aremis and Helping a friend: Wulkan quests now count as one quest in the quest log.
- Added Battle Axe Quest to the quest log.
- Added Duke's Shining Armor Quest to the quest log.
- Added Magnum Opus quest to the quest log.
- Added Need more heat Quest to the quest log.
- Added The Mauzoleum Quest to the quest log.

- Party leader now has priority over task kills.

- Player who killed the task creature must be in the party.
- The party must have experience sharing mode enabled and all requirements to share experience must be met.
- All members of the party must be active.

If all requirements mentioned above are met then:
- If the party leader doesn't have an active task then the player who killed the task creature gets the kill.
- If nor the party leader nor the player who killed the task creature has an active task then a random party member who has an active task gets the kill.

Loot message:
- Upon opening a corpse or container within the corpse for the very first time, all party members will receive a message saying what items did drop from the monster.
- The message will be sent only if experience sharing mode is enabled, all the members of the party are active and all requirements to share experience are met.

- A lot of minor fixes.
- Added Guard NPCs in Cirone.
- Meal effect and skill needed to prepare a dish is now shown in Cookbook (within Quest Log).
- Only players invited to the house are now able to change flooring within the house.
- Randy now offers passage to the north part of the Abukir desert (access is required).
- Changed default outfit colors of newly created characters.
- Raids won't be executed if it less than 30 minutes remaining until server save.
- Slightly reworked fishing system.

The fishing skill matters more when it comes to catching rare fishes.

Posted 7 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
i guess medivia cam is not going to come back?
Posted 7 months ago by No drugs (49 Archmage of Purity) Quote
do you consult your changes with players before the update? Personally, I don't like frequent updates. Gray nickname in VIP list is hard to see :(

Today I checked a photo from a year ago and I liked the old monk graphics and the cave walls more.

It's a pity that the game administrators don't do polls with players. Some old graphics are better than new ones. Forgive my language if it's wrong but i use google translator.
Posted 7 months ago by Ibitud Rhara (36 Cleric of Pendulum) Quote
No drugsi guess medivia cam is not going to come back?

I would also like this option.
Posted 7 months ago by Ibitud Rhara (36 Cleric of Pendulum) Quote
Am i the only one with instant client crashes after the patch?
Posted 7 months ago by Rocket Shot (242 Scout of Purity) Quote
Rocket ShotAm i the only one with instant client crashes after the patch?

nope.. also cant loggin... crashes after logginwindow
Posted 7 months ago by Fladimir Kernoel (314 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Look, about runes in store. I disagree the runes in store are 100x. Turn possible in one hunt, one person , carry 2000 charges of runes without dificult. In my opnion this is broken.
My suggest if u want runes in store no change the charges but make possible buy bps of runes in store.
Posted 7 months ago by Dazz (55 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
What are you doing? ;O
Posted 7 months ago by Dura Deluxo (214 Knight of Legacy) Quote
The number of this update (4.20) must be a suggestion as to what they were doing when coming up with most of these changes :D
Posted 7 months ago by Hellboy (459 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Game crashes after log in.
Posted 7 months ago by Benediikt (138 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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