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Datacenter caught on fire
Dear players

We had a major incident today in which our datacenter (OVH) caught on fire. For the time being it is impossible to determine when we will be able to fully recover.

We do apologize for any inconveniences. The task to rebuild the game is quite complex, so it might take a while before game servers will be up as well as until the website is fully functional. However, it is likely the game servers will be online tomorrow (Thursday, 11.03.2021).

### EDIT (17.03.2021):

We have managed to recover faster than expected and the game worlds are now online.

You can find more information about the incident here:

Posted 1 month ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Great and fast response on your side thumbs up for that. You'll make it ! Take your time !

Kind Regards
Posted 1 month ago by Nord'Heiler Gollum (128 Druid of Purity) Quote
RigubertoHow long do you think it will take to solve the problem?

Read the message you commented on?
However, it is likely the game servers will be online tomorrow (Thursday, 11.03.2021).
Posted 1 month ago by Nord Keule (51 Knight of Purity) Quote
^He did write thursday, is there any lose, like rollback?
Posted 1 month ago by Mildeo (20 Sorcerer of Purity) Quote
Nord KeuleRead the message you commented on?
However, it is likely the game servers will be online tomorrow (Thursday, 11.03.2021).

I already noticed xD
Posted 1 month ago by Riguberto (106 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Any info on potential rollbacks?
Posted 1 month ago by Man Hunter (94 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Im sorry for you guys, hope all backs soon well and hope noone got hurted too, cheers .
Posted 1 month ago by Aslaug Lodbrook (106 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
Whoa, holy cow. I heard that news. I really shock!!!. I thought Medivia was lost everything. I was worry about this.

I hope this will back to normal after backup data. take your time and don't rush!! I can wait till this back running.

I am sorry for you guys about that.

Posted 1 month ago by Atron (48 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
Omg!! Now i seen this horrible fact no one get hurt? If no god bless all the envolved . Im very greatfully impressed with the news so.. good job the medivia doing;

Ps: i doing team to discover all types of "Mystery's' if anyone want join msg me ingame . Thx !
Posted 1 month ago by Dio'Bolt (113 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Community Manager
Man HunterAny info on potential rollbacks?

IryontThere is no need for any rollback in this situation. The game state will be as seen on the website. Medivia save system does work differently and it doesn't save items during logout of the character, but during the server save (equipment, depots and houses), so it's not possible to dupe items in any way (compared to saving system from years ago). That being the case, at least saved character progress of some sort will serve as minor compensation.

Character level, quest and task progress will not be rolled back, but items will be loaded as they were during the server save on 9th of March.
If you have died during a crash, please contact us through Discord ticket system ( or via email ([email protected]).
Posted 1 month ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
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