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House competition results - Halloween
Dear players

The Halloween house competition ended and we would like to reveal results.
We are very happy with how the event turned out and how many of you took part in the event.

The results were judged by the criteria mentioned in the main post:
• Creative arrangement of objects (Mixing objects on top of another to create great results)
• Light distribution (How the house looks at night)
• Skilful use of colors. (Certain coloristic theme that shall be followed)

So back to the topic - who won?
We have selected three houses with, in our opinion, most spooky and interesting decoration.

House of Iatric:

House of Bili and Maem:

House of Plopp:

The rewards:
Each owner of shown above houses will receive 5 stuffed bags of Halloween coins within an adventure bag.
Also, everyone who took a serious part in the competition will receive Halloween coins.

Rewards will be sent to the depot of Eschen via parcel.
Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you for participating, see you next year!
Posted 8 months ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
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