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The Mainland Update - Creatures
Dear players

In this thread we would like to tell you a bit more about the new creatures that you will be able to encounter by exploring the new lands. Please keep in mind that not all new creatures available within the incoming update were presented here. In fact, several of them will remain a mystery until they are discovered by players themselves. Enjoy!

Dragon Fledglings

With female dragons only able to produce a handful of eggs every two years, and it taking nearly a decade for dragons to reach maturity once they're hatched, these legendary reptilians are extremely protective of their offspring. Predatory species know better than to mistake dragonlings for easy prey, as their guardians would surely see to their prompt and searing death. Make no mistake though, even when left alone, the fledglings of the children of Umos can pose a real and fiery threat to unwary travellers.


It is not known if they come from the same ancestor as dragons - the dragon king Umos. They inhabit caves and mountain spots inaccessible to most other creatures. Thanks to their extremely powerful and efficiently built wings, they are able to navigate the air with outstanding manoeuvrability, allowing them to hunt virtually any kind of prey. Their hard scales make them almost invulnerable to any normal weapon. There are dubious tales that speak of Araki rituals for bringing young men into adulthood which include sending them to the wyverns' caves to fight the beasts bare-handed.

Stone Rotworms

Rotworms are highly adaptable creatures, although they feed mainly on carrion, if their hunger grows great enough they can even devour and digest mineral-rich earth. The dwarves have long been aware of the rotworms' potential for digging tunnels, but their delicate teeth were not able to break through the hard stone of the Mittenhoff Mountain. Therefore, selective breeding of these creatures began and after many years the so-called 'stone rotworms' were created.

Dwarf Generals

The most experienced dwarven soldiers, awarded the rank of general thanks to their outstanding strategic thinking and prowess in battle. Clad in full dwarven armor, with powerful runes to strengthen their bodies, they are able to defeat entire armies of dragons. The generals of the dwarves currently reside in the depths of the Mittenhoff mines where demonic presences have been discovered.

Dark Elves

The dwarves watched on as the fog of the lake grew with the years, they knew that something not right was happening on the elf-inhabited island. It was impossible to see exactly what it was due to the fog, but it was very clear that an ominous dark force was behind it, you could feel it in the air and smell it on the breeze. The matter piqued the dwarves' interest more as time went on, especially when they found that the closer they came to the island with their underground tunnels the weaker they became, their arms grew weary and their pickaxes became heavier. It was said that the crushing force in the air there was so strong that lifting even a small rock was a considerable challenge. Old legends say that the body of a stone god fell down onto the continent of Medivia and so created the Mittenhoff mountain range, while one of its eyes sank deep into a huge lake. Perhaps this old tale could hold some truth about the source of the corruption that has taken hold of the elves.

Wasps and Bees

Due to worsening conditions, the bees and wasps of the main continent have resorted to nesting deep underground, creating huge structures in which no threat can reach them. Year after year their colonies expand and grow stronger, so much so that they pose a threat to nearby populations of creatures whenever they leave their hives to feed.


Due to their prolific reproductory abilities and high survival-rate, adaptability, as well as a general resilience, the Medivian boar population on the continent, is ever on the rise. Farmers often complain about them destroying fences and digging up crops. Hunters are hardly able to keep their populations under control. Even with the persistently high demand for their thick furs, boars are risky and difficult game to track - quick to flee and highly dangerous if they choose not to, their sharp tusks threaten evisceration to the soft-bellied humans who track them.


These fierce predators roam the tundra around Thoris. Their powerful jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth can penetrate even the heaviest plate armor, they are exceedingly agile and are able to move with such stealth that they make hardly any sound. The harsh winters and lack of food have driven these nature's assassins ever closer to the city in search of food, rendering even brief excursions outside the walls a deadly risk for its citizens.


A mighty and secluded race of frost giants who have made their home a uniquely formed mountain to the west of Thoris for centuries. They are not aggressive and do not strive to conquer or disturb nearby lands, their home is all they need or care for. However, they will not refrain from destroying anyone who dares enter their sacred mountain uninvited.

Cave Trolls

The strongest of all troll species that inhabit our world. They make their damp and smelly homes in deep caves and cavernous, they hate the daylight and are highly active at night when they do all of their hunting and scavenging for food. Their unrestrained and often blinding aggression allows them to keep fighting even at the brink of death and when suffering massive injuries. As such they are extremely hostile and should be avoided at all cost.

Lunar Trolls

Purple-furred trolls that inhabit the lands of Lucindel. They seem to be slightly more intelligent than their cousins and are the only troll species able to use any amount of magic, even if it is only basic. Each of them brandishes a painted purple moon on their shoulder as a kind of ritual homage to the celestial body they so highly revered.

Swamp Demons and Winged Vermin

An ancient artifact buried deep beneath the lake between Thoris and Lucindel affected not only the elves who lost their very selves to its influence, but also the earth and ground themselves, infusing corruption into them and bringing into existence abominable beings which now inhabit the depths of those swampy caves. Few witnesses have been fortunate enough to lay their eyes upon these beings, fewer still to do so and live to tell about them. The aptly named winged vermin, for example, are oversized creatures that resemble something like an amalgamation of a snake and a mosquito. They are dangerous because of their stealthy and quick attacks from the air. As for the so-called swamp demons, which we now know don't really have anything demonic about them, they have these mysterious lumpy growths on their backs which are likely some type of parasite that controls the rest of the flesh, the origin of which is still unknown.

Dark Grims

Once a great mage order of the city of Eschen, the great and powerful summoners who built the city of Thoris using stone golems, now a small esoteric guild hated by all who believe in the natural order of the world, the Grim guild kept the dark secrets of their order hidden for hundreds of years. Specifically, a sect exists within the guild which secretly deals with the magic of death and degeneration - necromancy. They are referred to as the dark Grims, their main goal is the resurrection of the demon lord Thor'Garak. Other than that, not much is known about their activities and connections, or their numbers and power. Whether their demonic lord's return would mean the fulfilment of their dreams or perhaps their end, is a question that will hopefully (for the good of Medivia) remain unanswered.

Ancient Watchers

The tragic fall of the kingdom of Sheol and the virtual obliteration of its lands at the hands of unthinkable magical energies meant the beginning of the great migration of the watchers into our world. They journeyed here on an enormous ship with a thousand sails. Following their arrival, the bonds that tied them to their homeworld were broken, and the energy they knew was replaced by our river of mana. Those who allowed themselves to assimilate and accepted the influence of this new energy lost most of their inborn power, not only magical but also intellectual, they devolved into not much more than beasts. Those who rejected the temptation succeeded in maintaining their sanity and went on to seal themselves inside an ancient tomb to guard a sacred artifact for all time.

White Light emmisaries

With the spread of its influence over Eschen's territories and the general major increase of the number of faithful throughout the continent, worship of the white goddess became the leading religious orientation on the continent. Faith in goodness, purity and the eternal Light that burns in our hearts and keeps darkness at bay are the church's main teachings, but behind the veil lies the awful sinful truth: burnings of those they deem heretical, torturing of any and all who speak against the archbishop's decisions, and a desperate skirmish for control fought by means of atrocious deceit and shameless manipulation... Is there hope still for this faith? Can the bright Light ever be restored again, and its flame cleansed?

The wizards of Arcanum

Tales say that in the endless depths of the infinite dwarven-made mazes below Arak slumbers a being grotesque and unimaginable, a creature so heinous that none of the sane mind would ever believe it. The legends call it a leviathan, a remnant of the first gods, an immense worm who could swallow the city whole with his huge mouth. A mouth filled with teeth like thousands of serrated daggers, with a toxic stench potent enough to suffocate anything living. Perhaps even more intriguing than the leviathan itself is the mysterious order of wizards who have claimed him, they used the nearby ruin of an ancient dwarven temple as the foundation for their base which they can use to study the beast. The mystical nature of the worm, due to its origins, could hold the key to uncovering entirely new facets of magic and secrets of the world, and that is what the mages seek. With time, their new base grew into an astonishing underground citadel, now inhabited and defended by many of their association's wizards. Likely one of the greatest libraries of magical knowledge ever to exist, hidden far and deep below, enchanted and protected so that no prying eyes of outsiders may ever penetrate its walls or the pages of its books.


Gorgons are exceptionally mysterious creatures, but exceptionally deadly as well. Their strength is comparable to that of a regular demon, but they are able to turn any being into stone and destroy it using the most potent venom that exists in all of Medivia. Due to their isolation from the rest of the world, any information gathered about these ancient beings is highly dubious. What we know is that their home, a stone fortress surrounded by ocean, survived the first cataclysm. We suspect that the island is what remains of a Leviathan, which crashed into the ocean after a different great calamity. Gorgons love toxic environments, dozens of venomous vipers decorate their heads, but there is beauty in this demise, as their beautiful eyes glitter like stars. It is often said in stories that their stunning eyes are the very final sight that those foolish enough to venture onto their stone island ever glimpse.


These blazing creatures made of living mana appear in places of great concentrations of magic. These beings are born from dense energy which somehow gains consciousness. No sorcerer has yet been able to examine them in depth because of their incredible power, their scorching attacks can pierce the most powerful magic shields and the power behind their claws penetrate the finest dwarven runic armor. Even the complete destruction of a phoenix does not kill it, quite the contrary, the tiny magical particles which make them inexplicably coalesce again and rebuild the phoenix even stronger and deadlier. Luckily for us, these creatures only inhabit the most deserted corners of Medivia, and are therefore an extremely rare sight, often viewed as no more than folk tales in the eyes of most.


T̸̡͒h̶̨͒e̸̳̓ ̶̙̌e̴̛̼n̸̪̔d̵̤̒ ̷͇̾ḭ̵͋s̷͓͛ ̵̛̺n̴͈̓è̵̳ȧ̶̱r̶̙̅,̶̺͆ ̴̟̊ț̶͋h̴̫͆ë̴̠r̴̦̓é̶͍ ̸̻̌i̶̟͝s̴̯̅ ̵̛̱n̴̙̒o̴̼̎ ̸̦̋è̷͓s̸̯̋c̴͈͆a̵̹͝p̶̲̽e̵͔̾ ̶͖̓f̷̹̒r̴͚̋ǫ̷̂m̷̡͆ ̷͎͑s̷̘̈́u̶̝͊f̶̲̔f̵̳̂ȇ̸̺r̵͑ͅì̷ͅn̸̙̂ġ̷͜ ̷̬̋ẏ̵͇o̷̖͆u̸̙͒ ̶̠͆h̵̞̚a̸̞̎v̸̘͝e̷̛̫ ̷̜̋b̶͚̋ŗ̶̓ȍ̷͈u̸̦͘g̷̱̑h̴̹̉t̵̘̄ ̷̡͝u̵̬̕p̷̮͒ȏ̸̻n̵̜̋ ̶͎̀ỳ̷̺o̷̱͒u̶̗͆r̷̍͜s̸͉͑e̸͒ͅl̸̪͠v̶͉̕e̷͎̿s̴͙̀ ̷̱͌m̴̝͗o̷̧͛r̸̰̆ť̵͖ḁ̷̕ļ̶̑s̴̘̃.̸̣͋ ̸͈͂T̶͕͗ḧ̶͇́e̵̓͜ ̵̞͂r̴̲̽e̴̟̔s̶̱͛s̷̫̎ü̵̠r̷̺̂ẹ̸͆c̵̰̾t̷̞̓i̶̖͘ó̶͚n̵̪̆ ̵̫̎ǒ̸̦f̸̻̀ ̸̖̂ò̷͙ȗ̶̪ȑ̷̘ ̶̺̓l̸̺̋o̴̪͋r̶̳̈́d̸̡̋ ̷͙̂i̸̻̽s̵̏ͅ ̸͕̓à̶̗t̵̢͋ ̵̥͝h̸̘͝a̴̤̕n̶̠̉d̶͚̒ ̸̻͐a̸͕͐n̷̩̋d̶͓̊ ̷̞͛ẘ̵͜i̴̿͜t̶̩̅h̴̩̏ ̸̖͆i̴̙̍t̶̠̿ ̸̲͗ẅ̷͖́ē̵̺ ̸̹̊s̵̭͑ḥ̷͐ă̷̰l̸̘̔l̴̫͠ ̷̩͊r̸̥͆ė̸͙t̴̜͊u̸̟̽r̵̬͊n̴̳͊ ̵̰̈́ä̵͜n̵͍̔d̴̩̅ ̸̯̓t̶̹́ḁ̸̀k̶̩̓ḛ̸̿ ̸̧̉w̵̦̑h̸͍͗a̷̳̓t̷̢̔ ̴̱͠ī̶͕s̴͓͛ ̶̭͊ẏ̶͖o̴͜͝u̵̗̚r̸̟͠ŝ̷͔.̷͍͌ ̵̣̚Ţ̴̈́h̷̜͗e̵̤͝r̷̞͗ę̸͂ ̷͔̌ś̷̢ḣ̸̩ă̴̳l̸̦͝ĺ̷̨ ̵͚̓b̸̢̌ĕ̶͖ ̸̺̔n̵̻̅o̸̠̓ ̵͇̓e̷̥̚n̶͔͂d̵̜́ ̴̙̆ṱ̴́ó̸̙ ̷͉̋s̸͍̈́l̴̯̅ȧ̶͈ư̷̺ǵ̴̤h̸͚͊t̴̨̿ḛ̶͛r̷̠̕ ̴̘́a̷̹̐n̶̻͌d̴̖̆ ̶͇͊o̷̭͑u̵͉̅r̸̤͌ ̷̗͆d̴̤̑o̷̼͋m̵͓͋i̶̜͝n̷̦̐ǒ̶͙n̵͔͝ ̷̫̉s̷̪̓o̸̼̓ö̴̞́n̸̬̏ ̷͈̓s̴̘̑h̴͖͝a̷͜͝l̶̖̓ľ̸̹ ̶̋ͅb̷͍̃ȩ̶͛ ̴͔̈́s̸̗͗e̶̡͠c̷͍͒u̴̗̔r̷̢̽è̸̖d̴̙̊.̴̧̍ ̶̡͗

T̶̨̺̣́̅͒̓ͅh̸̲̰̰͆͜ȅ̴͔̊ ̵̝̞̣̈͐̿̑g̸̫͓̣͈͒̑̽ă̷̙̦͈t̷͕͉͕͛̐ȩ̴̮̱͋̆͘͝ŝ̶͈̯̯͇́̂͘ ̸͎̠͒̕t̶̨̢̞̀ͅơ̴͕̍ ̸̱͛̋͛̌S̸̢̗̲̑̍ͅḥ̸̹̠̙̓͊̂ė̷͍͍̼̰͐̅̕ó̷̬͈̟̈́l̵̼͊͊̇̅ ̸̙̠̊ͅa̶͕̤̖̞̽̉r̵̫̩̯̤̐́͐̆ẽ̷̜̋͋ ̴͎̋͆͗̓o̸͎̫͂p̸̡̖̀͑͂ͅé̴̮̃͘n̸̘̖̉i̴̲̊̂͠n̷̗͓̺̏̀̚ğ̸̣̩̘̯̕ ̵̟͋̆͝

Posted 1 year ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
T̸̡͒h̶̨͒e̸̳̓ ̶̙̌e̴̛̼n̸̪̔d̵̤̒ ̷͇̾ḭ̵͋s̷͓͛ ̵̛̺n̴͈̓è̵̳ȧ̶̱r̶̙̅,̶̺͆ ̴̟̊ț̶͋h̴̫͆ë̴̠r̴̦̓é̶͍ ̸̻̌i̶̟͝s̴̯̅ ̵̛̱n̴̙̒o̴̼̎ ̸̦̋è̷͓s̸̯̋c̴͈͆a̵̹͝p̶̲̽e̵͔̾ ̶͖̓f̷̹̒r̴͚̋ǫ̷̂m̷̡͆ ̷͎͑s̷̘̈́u̶̝͊f̶̲̔f̵̳̂ȇ̸̺r̵͑ͅì̷ͅn̸̙̂ġ̷͜ ̷̬̋ẏ̵͇o̷̖͆u̸̙͒ ̶̠͆h̵̞̚a̸̞̎v̸̘͝e̷̛̫ ̷̜̋b̶͚̋ŗ̶̓ȍ̷͈u̸̦͘g̷̱̑h̴̹̉t̵̘̄ ̷̡͝u̵̬̕p̷̮͒ȏ̸̻n̵̜̋ ̶͎̀ỳ̷̺o̷̱͒u̶̗͆r̷̍͜s̸͉͑e̸͒ͅl̸̪͠v̶͉̕e̷͎̿s̴͙̀ ̷̱͌m̴̝͗o̷̧͛r̸̰̆ť̵͖ḁ̷̕ļ̶̑s̴̘̃.̸̣͋ ̸͈͂T̶͕͗ḧ̶͇́e̵̓͜ ̵̞͂r̴̲̽e̴̟̔s̶̱͛s̷̫̎ü̵̠r̷̺̂ẹ̸͆c̵̰̾t̷̞̓i̶̖͘ó̶͚n̵̪̆ ̵̫̎ǒ̸̦f̸̻̀ ̸̖̂ò̷͙ȗ̶̪ȑ̷̘ ̶̺̓l̸̺̋o̴̪͋r̶̳̈́d̸̡̋ ̷͙̂i̸̻̽s̵̏ͅ ̸͕̓à̶̗t̵̢͋ ̵̥͝h̸̘͝a̴̤̕n̶̠̉d̶͚̒ ̸̻͐a̸͕͐n̷̩̋d̶͓̊ ̷̞͛ẘ̵͜i̴̿͜t̶̩̅h̴̩̏ ̸̖͆i̴̙̍t̶̠̿ ̸̲͗ẅ̷͖́ē̵̺ ̸̹̊s̵̭͑ḥ̷͐ă̷̰l̸̘̔l̴̫͠ ̷̩͊r̸̥͆ė̸͙t̴̜͊u̸̟̽r̵̬͊n̴̳͊ ̵̰̈́ä̵͜n̵͍̔d̴̩̅ ̸̯̓t̶̹́ḁ̸̀k̶̩̓ḛ̸̿ ̸̧̉w̵̦̑h̸͍͗a̷̳̓t̷̢̔ ̴̱͠ī̶͕s̴͓͛ ̶̭͊ẏ̶͖o̴͜͝u̵̗̚r̸̟͠ŝ̷͔.̷͍͌ ̵̣̚Ţ̴̈́h̷̜͗e̵̤͝r̷̞͗ę̸͂ ̷͔̌ś̷̢ḣ̸̩ă̴̳l̸̦͝ĺ̷̨ ̵͚̓b̸̢̌ĕ̶͖ ̸̺̔n̵̻̅o̸̠̓ ̵͇̓e̷̥̚n̶͔͂d̵̜́ ̴̙̆ṱ̴́ó̸̙ ̷͉̋s̸͍̈́l̴̯̅ȧ̶͈ư̷̺ǵ̴̤h̸͚͊t̴̨̿ḛ̶͛r̷̠̕ ̴̘́a̷̹̐n̶̻͌d̴̖̆ ̶͇͊o̷̭͑u̵͉̅r̸̤͌ ̷̗͆d̴̤̑o̷̼͋m̵͓͋i̶̜͝n̷̦̐ǒ̶͙n̵͔͝ ̷̫̉s̷̪̓o̸̼̓ö̴̞́n̸̬̏ ̷͈̓s̴̘̑h̴͖͝a̷͜͝l̶̖̓ľ̸̹ ̶̋ͅb̷͍̃ȩ̶͛ ̴͔̈́s̸̗͗e̶̡͠c̷͍͒u̴̗̔r̷̢̽è̸̖d̴̙̊.̴̧̍ ̶̡͗

T̶̨̺̣́̅͒̓ͅh̸̲̰̰͆͜ȅ̴͔̊ ̵̝̞̣̈͐̿̑g̸̫͓̣͈͒̑̽ă̷̙̦͈t̷͕͉͕͛̐ȩ̴̮̱͋̆͘͝ŝ̶͈̯̯͇́̂͘ ̸͎̠͒̕t̶̨̢̞̀ͅơ̴͕̍ ̸̱͛̋͛̌S̸̢̗̲̑̍ͅḥ̸̹̠̙̓͊̂ė̷͍͍̼̰͐̅̕ó̷̬͈̟̈́l̵̼͊͊̇̅ ̸̙̠̊ͅa̶͕̤̖̞̽̉r̵̫̩̯̤̐́͐̆ẽ̷̜̋͋ ̴͎̋͆͗̓o̸͎̫͂p̸̡̖̀͑͂ͅé̴̮̃͘n̸̘̖̉i̴̲̊̂͠n̷̗͓̺̏̀̚ğ̸̣̩̘̯̕ ̵̟͋̆͝

The end is here there is no escape from suffering you have brought up yourselves mortals the Ressurection only lord is at hand and with theat shall return and take what is yours. There shall be no end to slaughter and our dominon shall be secured.

The Gates of Sheolaire opening.. Hard to read but that sums it up i rekon
Posted 1 year ago by Eval Bonebreaker (95 Scout of Destiny) Quote
@Eval Bonebreaker very close:

The end is near, there is no escape from suffering you have brought upon yourselves mortals. The ressurection of our lord is at hand and with it we shall return and take what is yours. There shall be no end to slaughter and our dominon soon shall be secured. - The gate's to sheol? are opening.

Posted 1 year ago by Mendezsmoke (207 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Hope we can see some Elf and Dwarf hunts for high levels (300+) would be a "new" nostalgia !!!

Make some strong Elvs and Dwarfs that knight lvl 300+ can hunt ;)

Warlock Crusader.
Posted 1 year ago by Mezi (342 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
I was having a good buzz figured i cracked it thanks for the words tho its hard to read lets be serious lol
Posted 1 year ago by Eval Bonebreaker (95 Scout of Destiny) Quote
I see that some monsters based on warcraft 3 and game of throne ;)
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
finally new spawns. hopefully it will stop coward war teams from hiding and blocking poa 24/7. That spawn really killed all wars...
Posted 11 months ago by Makz (75 Scout of Legacy) Quote
Mam takie pytanko. Czy moze administracja wrocic chociaz bicie Tar Priest jakie bylo? Bo Na zamku wgl nie oplaca sie teraz expic wychodze na wastt ciagle. Tylko by nie bily tak szybko z poisona a reszte mozna zostawic moim zdaniem.
Posted 11 months ago by Lufka (24 Cleric of Prophecy) Quote
When medivia non pvp ?
Posted 10 months ago by Kawka on medivia (8 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
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