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The Mainland Update - Factions
Dear players

Along with the new continent, we have created three new factions. The history of each of them joins together and goes in the direction of inevitable confrontation with the powers of darkness. Each of them is very dynamic and focuses mainly on presenting epic stories along with demanding opponents. In addition, these factions will be expanded with additional missions in the future.

Archini Faction

With the regaining of control over their lands, the Eschenian army prepares for a great battle with the kingdom of Thoris. However, the true enemy remains concealed as it slowly pervades the city and fouls the minds of its people. The demons have become very active, and are searching for centuries lost magical artefact. This increased activity and more frequent possessions and appearances of demonic creatures are regarded as omens of another catastrophic war. Will we be able to identify and locate this powerful object before they do?

Grim Faction

In the shadow of the confusion caused by the destruction of the mystic stones that controlled the flow of the mana river, the Grims plan for their secret and sacred blood ritual. In the depths of the caves below the old mountain near Thoris, preparations are underway for the resurrection of their master - the demon lord Thor'Garak. They deeply believe that his arrival will mean for the life eternal and control over the very cycle of life and death. The histories record an instance in which a group of valiant warriors defeated this demon lord, perhaps the heroes of this world are destined to gather once more.

White Light Faction

This religion has had an almost inherent hold on the peoples of the continent for centuries or longer. With the ever-growing activity of monsters and evil things, the supposed advent of a darker age, many people have - with the hope of salvation - returned to worshipping the White Lady and her Light. Along with this, the power and control of the Church have become far greater, in no small amount thanks to the abundance of donations which afforded them a veritable army of elite soldiers. The Church is now considered the second ruling force on the continent, next to the king of Eschen. Every coin has two sides, and the light of these holy men's deeds can often be seen in the night, glimmering in the distance, where piles of burning heretics illumine the dark.

About pre-update factions:

Those of you who already progressed within factions do not have to worry about losing your progress.
Lore of all factions was slightly modified to fit the current lore and map, so you will be able to finish the factions even after the Mainland update.

List of old factions that will still be available in game after update:
• Imperial Army Faction (renamed from Thaian Army Faction)
• The Lightbringer Faction
• The Order of Holy Rose Faction
• The Minotaur Faction
• The Dwarf Faction
• The Elf Faction
• The Orc Faction
• The Osaris Faction
Posted 5 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
I really love that there will be not only one but three new factions for us to explore, for me factions are the greatest part of the game alongside with epic quests (that im sure you prepared some too). I have a question, people that already did postman for example, will continue with it? Same with all "replacement" quests? Ex: if i already did the "old orc fortress" i will be able to do "new orc fortress" quest? Or it will be counted as a completed quest in quest log? Thank you for putting not only raw work into this, but a lot of creativity in these factions.. i think i will go full RPG mode after update xD
Posted 5 months ago by Vermillon (273 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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