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Dear players

Due to recent adjustments to our detection system of using possible unofficial softwares to play the game we decided it will be a good time to open a new low rate world hosted in Europe (since we do already have two worlds within NA). This world will allow old and new members of our community a fresh start under a zero cheating tolerance policy which allows for an equal opportunity of success.

We will continuously upgrade our detection system to keep the amount of cheating across all worlds to a minimum.

However, we understand the request of players that wish to play on a server that has had the opportunity of being protected by our detection system from day 1 and we are happy to oblige.

Furthermore, we know how important the first months of a new server are in terms of cheating protection which is why we will have more members of the staff manually patrolling the server searching for possible cheating. Let this also be a message for the hundreds of players that recently got their accounts deleted for using unofficial software: You are very welcome to start over and play the game in a fair manner.

That being said, we are very happy to announce that our newest world Prophecy hosted in Europe with the same rates as Legacy & Destiny will launch on 14th of December 2018, 20:00 CET. The registration is now open.
Posted 1 year ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Wow nice job !!!
Posted 1 year ago by Patosik (119 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Interesting, haven't played in like 18 months but a brand new server that will be free of cheaters is tempting. If some of the guys I knew from a few years back are going to start I might give it a go
Posted 1 year ago by Dax (64 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Please free extra slot for the new server. I don't really see a problem to put another slot just for the new server.. I dont even see a problem having each server 4 characters to create :/.
Posted 1 year ago by Zakref (45 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
ZakrefPlease free extra slot for the new server. I don't really see a problem to put another slot just for the new server.. I dont even see a problem having each server 4 characters to create :/.


You are able to purchase any amount of extra slots within the account section for that matter. If you do not wish to pay for it due to different reasons you are free to create another account. The world Prophecy will be free to play for everyone, including free accounts.
Posted 1 year ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Is gonna be pay to win ? i can make runes with free account?? i have to pay 7 euros to play? it will be runes on shop?? it will be custom spawns? some of them are too op and people will exp so fast.
Posted 1 year ago by Tweetsmack (56 Scout of Legacy) Quote
how does this help the players who cant play on Eu servers due to the latency difference reason a lot of us didn't play leagcy was cause of the 40 plus extra ping we would have cause of it being a Eu server so how does this help american / other players on this side of the world at all to be fair ? its not a fresh start for us at all. Also to add to this point just move everyone from destiny to legacy make a fresh american server so we can have a good american server at least u already gutted it let us play with a server that people are gonna play on peak hours was almost 400 players on desitny at one point now we can barly top 100 and its not gonna recover this time no ones coming back so please just move us over and make it a fresh server so we can have one that will have people instead of this single guy right now spamming to buy a fire axe cause this is sad as all give out
Posted 1 year ago by Knight Erk (117 Knight of Destiny) Quote
TweetsmackIs gonna be pay to win ?

No, it never was and never will be.
Tweetsmacki can make runes with free account??

No. The point of the server is to have as fair of an experience as possible. Allowing free account characters to create runes will result in players MC leveling them up really quickly to level 11 and then to pump runes for their main characters or sell them. We will find those characters as soon as possible with our detection software and manual GM patrols and delete them but since they don't lose anything they will simply create new accounts. By only allowing premium users to create runes this will not be possible as they would waste much more than they would gain by doing this.
Tweetsmacki have to pay 7 euros to play?

No, you can play the game as a free account perfectly fine. You just won't have access to as many features of the game as we rely on the premium revenue to further develop the game.
Tweetsmackit will be runes on shop??

There are NPC's that sell certain selected runes for fair prices. That said, you can still make plenty of money by simply rune making as the NPC price is generally above the player price and is mostly there for times of rune shortages and to avoid forcing knights and paladins to create a mage to make runes with mana fluids.
Tweetsmackit will be custom spawns? some of them are too op and people will exp so fast.

Since I'm mostly responsible for spawn balance I always appreciate feedback. If you believe a spawn is infact too good, please create a proposal on the forum section or on the discord. You can also directly message me on discord and I will take a look.
Posted 1 year ago by Kelarn (1 None of Legacy) Quote
u cant sitt here and say this game isn't pay to win most spawns u can't ever profit on or even break even to be fair unless u just wanna go loot bag orcs all day i've done frost dragons, frost drakes, ancient golems, etc there loot tables are just bad and there drop rates are even worse lets be fair most players paid for gp through selling scrolls or buying gp in game cause u cant keep up with runes with hunting its just not possible but am guessing u guys knew this already even during double loot my friends have told me there not getting anything for loot so take that as u will i don't expect everything to drop easy but when u cant even break even on most hunts that's just sad
Posted 1 year ago by Knight Erk (117 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Ironyt, I applaud you and your team for your continued efforts with Medivia.

3 or 4 days ago I submitted a detailed post on the forums. That post examined the player population on Destiny, and the apparent level of botting.

I was amazed to log in yesterday to the ban wave.

I doubt my post caused the ban wave - I presume it's just coincidental - but you and the developers have really impressed me and a host of other legitimate players.

Ironyt, please do not be discouraged to see a lower population on Destiny. By banning cheaters, you have sent a message that this game is being taken seriously. A game full of cheating not only distorts the real number of online players, but it prevents legitimate players from enjoying your game. In the long term - you are securing a loyal player base, and creating an atmosphere of growth.

I am an Australian playing on Destiny, I now intend to get at least 3 or 4 of my real life friends to play Medivia, as i keep seeing these continuous signs that you are doing an awesome job with this game.

Don't listen to the complainers about your new European server or the price of the premium account. Those of us who pay for premium are happy to support you and your team. You have a vision - stick to it with pride.


EDIT: I do agree with Knight Erk - the profitability of hunting probably needs to be examined. The drop rates rarely make hunting profitable - especially for mages. Whilst I'm sure you are all working hard to address all the little things with the game, i think once you address the loot rates you will prevent a lot of people from being tempted to cheat.
Posted 1 year ago by Cuffs (44 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
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