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Pendulum's swing & teasers
Dear players

In the past few weeks we haven't posted any new teasers regarding update, so it is about time we change that! As far as we can tell the updates we are currently working on are the most complex ones since the beginning of Medivia and that is why they take a while to create. In fact, everything is going quite smoothly despite being time consuming in general. However, considering the teasers we are about to show I'm pretty sure you will understand the reason behind the time consuming part of it and hopefully you will enjoy those teasers as much as we did enjoy creating the new content!

Also, as expected, the cycle of Pendulum world has come to its end. The world was meant to be temporary and mostly for fun and it has served its purpose like it was supposed to do. It is now time to wipe all characters within that world and let the cycle begin once again!

On Friday, 1st of September 2017, 20:00 CEST which is way over half a year from when it started, the world will rebooted and launched once again! Please keep in mind that characters will be wiped out a week before its scheduled reboot.

Please keep in mind that your accounts and premium status will stay as it is, thus there is no need to worry about it. However, the world itself will be cleaned from all characters, so the fun can begin once again.

UnknownPendulum is a temporary fast-paced world with a main purpose to get you familiar with Medivia and to have some fun in general. Its lifespan is short and in any time it can be closed or rebooted. If you do not wish to play on such world then please choose permanent worlds instead.

Anyway, as promised, we would like to present a few screenshots from the update we are currently working on:

How about changing the skin color of your in game character?

Second of all, we would like to present certain parts of the lore as books freely available within the game:

In the next week we will post the timeline with all important events in the game as well as a few more screenshots directly from our test server :)
Posted 10 months ago by Iryont Quote

Fucking liers, any answer? im sure you wont reply to me
Posted 10 months ago by unknown Quote
Posted 10 months ago by Rato Iluminista Quote
Can't wait to play the new versions. Sprites looking SHARP!
Posted 10 months ago by Urikao Quote
Lets go!!! im excited
Posted 10 months ago by Chris Sharma Quote
I just looked at the screenshots and... well. I guess my time here will end with that update. I was really looking forward toward new update and contents and graphics, but let's face it... just those screenshots gave me cancer. Few graphics look decent there, rest just look like random sprites from random artists who made them without even knowing how Tibia looked. This style looks like one of these flash games, not Tibia anymore. Colours are looking weird, it's all too candy&dandy. I was playing here for a long time and looked forward playing here even more, but... this is my limit. I get it, you have to change those, you have to make your own sprites, but sadly this is just not the lvl that can be accepted.
There were servers when they tried it. I really hope I am only one who hates those. ;)

Also the SCROLLS. This is one of the biggest issues devs have to face. Font looks fancy, but it's not readable, sorry.
Posted 10 months ago by Kael Quote
its amazing ! w8 for the new update \o/
Posted 10 months ago by Tenotz Quote
Get ready for the sudden drop of players after this update.
Posted 10 months ago by Makaveli Thug Quote
Looks good, looking forward to it.

Although the new outfits does not look good at all in my eyes. No old school feeling what so ever.
Posted 10 months ago by Sebulba Quote
Cesar MotoaYou told us in the forum: THE SERVER WILL NOT BE RESETED, PERMANENT SERVER.

Fucking liers, any answer? im sure you wont reply to me

They've said from the very beginning that it was a temporary world and that it would reset. Show me the quote.
Posted 10 months ago by unknown Quote
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