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Dear players

The Grim has arrived and decorated cities with pumpkins.
This year, he created several more items that he will exchange for Halloween coins.

The following changes were made as of today:

• Added possibility to use bed sheets on a cot.
• Summons no longer drop Halloween coins.
• Changed amount of Halloween coins dropped by several creatures.
• Kitchen knife can now be used on pumpkinheads.
• Added a few Halloween themed items to the Store.

The following bosses can now spawn in multiple locations:
• Arcestar,
• General Manos,
• Hirnus Bloodhoof,
• Walius.

Also, Gieffrin has received a strength boost. He is now just slightly weaker than a warlock.

An issue that led the client to hang itself which was caused by both limiter and v-sync has been fixed.
It is advised to download a new client to prevent such issues in the future.
Posted 1 week ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Dear players

During this server save there will be bunch of small fixes including introduction of depot boxes on Novus.

Please note that all mails within Novus depot were removed and you can no longer send any parcels to Novus depot.
That being the case players on Novus can now pay their house rent on the island they live rather than sending the rent through parcel.
Also, if player on Novus loses his house the items will be send to that depot. Please be aware that items weren't wiped out, so if you have already
lost your house you will find your items within Novus depot. Except any kind of mails from mainland of course which were removed for an obvious reason.

Also, a reminder - today at 20:00 CET we will be launching Strife within Europe! I hope to you see all there.
Posted 6 days ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Dear players

During this server save we had bunch of minor fixes including a possibility to purchase more than 400 stackable items from an NPC.

The limit of 400 non-stackable items is still there though. Please note that 400 stackable items is in fact 4 non-stackable objects and therefore the limit should be different.
Posted 3 days ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
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