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Dear players

Game client update has been released and it brings following changes:

* Fixed a bug in the VIP list which caused the VIP edit window to freeze.
* Fixed an issue with high polling rate mouses which caused drop in fps during movements of the cursor.
* Several sprites were changed according to general feedback from players themselves.
* Fixed an old game server bug which did not allow monsters to dance properly near the target.
* Moved a bunch of gold ores to a nearby protected position to prevent them from being farmed by lower level characters.
* Added the Bonebeast on Novus again.
* Several minor bug fixes (e.g. map bugs, and so on).

Also, we have started to work on a sound system for Medivia and therefore a theme sound has been added to the main menu of the game.
It can be fully muted within options of the game client. The reason for such restricted implementation is because we wish to find any possible
issues with the sound on players' computers before jumping into the global implementation of the sound system which will play a huge role in the future.
Posted 2 weeks ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
Dear players

After the server save there will be a small update for the game client as well as the game server with following fixes:

* Fixed an issue with sound system which caused the game client to crash under certain rare conditions.
* Fixed an issue with certain tiles which didn't work properly in terms of walking.
* Fixed an issue which locked the mouse into the window when it was outside the screen.
* Fixed an issue with bugged white square when moving objects around.
* Changed a chance for monster to randomly dance near the target from 25% to 10% (the same value as it was before the recent update).

The game client version of 2.5.1 is already available within download section and will be required after the server save.
Posted 1 week ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
Dear players

Tapestries with letters and numbers have been added to the game and can be purchased for medivia coins from an NPC in every depot.

That being the case you can assemble any word you like with those tapestries. Have fun!

Also, there were several small bug fixes implemented (mostly map bugs and so on).
Posted 3 days ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
Dear players

Due to a huge malfunction during today's server save all worlds had to be rollbacked 24 hours to the state of the previous server save.

Please note that rollbacks are in general unlikely to happen, but when they do it means that was the last resort to avoid issues.
In order to hold the integrity of the database and to avoid possible duplications of items in game a rollback was necessary.

Premium days were compensated for this issue.

I'm really sorry for any inconveniences, but please rest assured this is not something done on a whim.
Posted 1 day ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
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