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Dear players

It is now possible to create new characters on Pendulum world.

Old characters were wiped out as promised. The world is ready for a new start which will happen a week from now.

Good luck!
Posted 2 months ago by Iryont Quote
Dear players

Due to unexpected power failure in our database which lasted for several hours (from 7:20 to 11:00 CET)
we have to rollback all worlds by 24 hours (to server save at 08-11-2017 10:00 CET).
The event was so huge that several thousands servers were affected as well, that is besides ours.
This was an expected event which couldn't be foreseen and we are truly sorry for that.
All premium purchases between yesterday's and today's server save were assigned to corresponding accounts.
Also, five days of free premium were assigned to all premium accounts for this issue.

Again, we are deeply sorry for any inconveniences.
Posted 2 weeks ago by Iryont Quote
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