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* Several map bugs were fixed.

* There are now two extra NPCs responsible for tasks (besides Radek). You can find them in Venore (above depot) and Carlin (north east of depot, near the gate).
Posted 2 weeks ago by Iryont Quote
* Changed domain to :)

Please keep in mind that cookies were wiped out, so you will need to re-type your passwords and accept cookies policy once again.
Posted 1 week ago by Iryont Quote
* Added TLS to outgoing mails for security.

* The game client will be updated during the next server save. Please make sure to download the new one before attempting to log-in after the server save.


- Fixed setting items count by numpad which should now work as expected.
- Fixed exploration of empty tiles in minimap.
- Changed domain to for the sake of consistency.
- Bunch of graphical glitches were fixed (e.g. entrance of Icenhaal).
- Minor fixes in general.
Posted 1 week ago by Iryont Quote
* Added forum sections such as Media, Tradepark and War for Pendulum world.

* Minor bug fixes in game.
Posted 1 week ago by Iryont Quote
* Certain changes were made to sessions on the website.

If you are having problem to log in or log out then please clear your cookies (all of them) within your web browser.
Posted 5 days ago by Iryont Quote
* Bunch of map fixes.

* Changed damage of a great fireball rune in PvP. After the change the final damage does depend on amount of targets being hit.

The rule does apply to PvP only in which case the damage is reduced by five percent each possible hit.
Posted 4 days ago by Iryont Quote
* Merged with

* Added as an email for technical issues only (e.g. issues related to the website, game server or the game client).
Posted 2 days ago by Iryont Quote
* Postponed the scheduled update of the game client to the beginning of February. In the same time a new Rookgaard will be released, too.

* Added a video in "Articles" section on the forum with a full process of how sprites for Medivia are made. More to follow!
Posted 1 day ago by Iryont Quote
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