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To be proud owner of house in Medivia world you need to purchase one on an auction, and in order to do that you have to visit the chosen house in the website and use the bid option.

As soon as you win the auction make sure you have enough amount of gold coins in depot where house belongs to in order to pay the first rent as well as costs of the auction, otherwise you will loose the house!

If you would like to leave the house use the command !leavehouse - be warned, this command can be used anywhere on Medivia world!

If you feel an urge to sell the house to other player please use the command !sellhouse playername and in order to use it, both you and the buyer have to be close to each other because the trade window will appear with a document of the ownership - the buyer needs to trade enough amount of money you would like to sell the house for.

VIP house is a house purchasable in game by !buyhouse command for real money (please, check premium section). VIP houses are usually available in unique locations on Medivia world. You can check on the website whether a house is a VIP house or you can simply use !houseinfo command in game in order to get more information about the house itself (price and monthly rent). Please note that VIP houses are not transferable in game and once purchased they cannot be sold to anyone.
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