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Guild #9607 - Res Non Verba (founded on Thu, Jan 7, 2021 3:47 PM)
Hechos, no palabras.
Atticus (Mockingbird) - Royal Archer
Shivalako (NumberEight) - Imperial Knight
Elder Thop (DeadLord) - Guardian Druid
Bongzilla (Dopelord) - Guardian Druid
Angelako - High Mage
El Gotho - Imperial Knight
Barelk (Tristisimo) - Knight
Lo Pan (Locovich) - Imperial Knight
Cuicas - Imperial Knight
Homeboy - High Mage
Don Pelo (MasterOfCoin) - High Mage
Orshabalbroo (TwitchStreamer) - Druid
Reluwar - Mage
Doblas - Imperial Knight
Noxious - High Mage
Edtoile - Guardian Druid
Blacksky - Imperial Knight
Turoo - Imperial Knight
Garm Lightwood (SoulSnatcher) - Royal Archer
Gozt (Pipino) - Archer
Goblinmario (ElGuardian) - Imperial Knight
Cukis Inferna - High Mage
Blackorvus - High Mage
Somke King - High Mage
Nayaleysa - Royal Archer
Ramza Barbanethsson - Royal Archer
Ertitito - Imperial Knight
Sagazer - Royal Archer
Shavyx - Druid
Blaze Atlante - High Mage
Ankrahmunn - Guardian Druid
Telodije - Guardian Druid
San Martin Palermo (Titan) - Guardian Druid
Foe Hokusai - High Mage
Lady Brown - Guardian Druid
Deadbird - Guardian Druid
Lanela - High Mage
Fast Attack - Royal Archer
Miedosina Maga (HonorAlMiedosin) - High Mage
Deathdemented - Knight
San Roman Riquelme - Guardian Druid
Invited players
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