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Guild #9197 - Eternum (founded on Fri, Aug 21, 2020 1:06 AM)
We are a group of friends who have gathered with the same purpose: to have a fun time in Medivia and help each other, whether it is solving quests, getting levels or just being supportive in guild chat. :)

Currently not inviting.

The rules we follow are quite simple:
- No cheating whatsoever.
- Avoid pvp, unless there is no other way around.
- Respect everyone in the server; you don't have to like everyone, but it is not hard to be respectful.
Chillone - Imperial Knight
Unhealer (BussyDestroyer) - Guardian Druid
Concealed - Royal Archer
Meert - Archer
Snow Man - Druid
Duzzle (Judgemental) - Imperial Knight
Laulau - Royal Archer
Carmine - Imperial Knight
Auror - Imperial Knight
Elydia - Guardian Druid
Artemis Clyde Frog - Royal Archer
Teardrop - Royal Archer
Big Hooligan - Imperial Knight
Nana (ProbsAFK) - Guardian Druid
Margo (GargoyleButtAppreciator) - Imperial Knight
Jellootje - Royal Archer
Unmei - None
Unmeiz - Imperial Knight
Mystique Guard - Knight
Imma good boy - Imperial Knight
Azatorix - Knight
Arco Sobrio (QueenPotato) - High Mage
Smoke Dragonwake - Imperial Knight
Desert Traveller - Imperial Knight
Kopkie - Royal Archer
Saelvas Saelvius - Royal Archer
Brush - None
Xena Guerreira - Imperial Knight
Bylo Minelo - High Mage
Kanonfull - Knight
Blaster The Master - Royal Archer
Alannis Shieldmaiden (QueenFollower) - Imperial Knight
Boromir (YDdraigGoch) - Imperial Knight
Instant (FullRetard) - Royal Archer
Flappzor - Guardian Druid
Dust Raiven - Imperial Knight
Hamilton - Knight
Raiven - Druid
Isprementa - Knight
Kim Boombay - Imperial Knight
Juscelino - Knight
Swauf - Royal Archer
Kechleb (GewoonKees) - Imperial Knight
Sarvikuono (HailKees) - Royal Archer
Mwuana - Royal Archer
Bubs - Guardian Druid
Nileht - Archer
Moob'ka - Royal Archer
Odyssey (PetrificusTotalus) - Royal Archer
Nifewall - Mage
Mr Doom - Guardian Druid
Humil (Trötter) - Druid
Magicus - Guardian Druid
Ebba Svart - Imperial Knight
Ferux (Bisken) - Archer
Deriux - Knight
Kim Boombayy - Guardian Druid
Big Jimmy - Guardian Druid
Lotthid - Royal Archer
Herk - Imperial Knight
Benis - High Mage
Distrincha - Royal Archer
Wentworth - Guardian Druid
Divitanie - Guardian Druid
Vattenkokare - Imperial Knight
Charles Canter (Silden) - High Mage
Zhou (Concierge) - Imperial Knight
Zensho - Druid
Lera (ProtectingLilTimmeh) - Royal Archer
Imnotcyr - Guardian Druid
Little Fia - Guardian Druid
Tpzinha - Archer
Hold Cyr - Archer
Zardor - Imperial Knight
Brusho - Guardian Druid
Baby - High Mage
Elzzud - Guardian Druid
Xinyu (Margo) - Guardian Druid
Khalid - Guardian Druid
Nurse (Margo) - Royal Archer
Chinatown Delivery - Guardian Druid
Dead Raiven - High Mage
Stratospheric - Guardian Druid
Make (BoromirsUhSupply) - Guardian Druid
Ka'Boom - High Mage
Sae - Guardian Druid
Leibniz - High Mage
Pipra (Arcohomorka) - Imperial Knight
Wizard Do (BoromirsMWallSupply) - High Mage
Xolmis - Guardian Druid
Feroxen - Mage
Tim The Baker (BoromirWithBolts) - Royal Archer
Dune Rider - High Mage
Kechster - Guardian Druid
Zadok Allen - High Mage
Gandolph - High Mage
Nyr - Guardian Druid
Fun potato (SmashedPotato) - Royal Archer
Duke Raiven - Archer
Beelsaebub - High Mage
Ode to Sae - High Mage
Saedhros - None
Vladimir - High Mage
Ka'Pow - Knight
Badabude - High Mage
Alberico - Guardian Druid
Smarties - High Mage
Zero Sugar - Guardian Druid
Kera - Guardian Druid
Taibhse - Royal Archer
Terry Crews - Knight
Tiehteti - High Mage
Barksdale - High Mage
Gordon - High Mage
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