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Guild #8433 - Adrenaline (founded on Tue, Jan 21, 2020 7:40 PM)
AIK Stockholm
Thorak - High Mage
King Avicii (AppleRed) - Royal Archer
Lollerbladez (Legenden) - Imperial Knight
Duke (Bulletproof) - Crusader Knight
Barry - Royal Archer
Dezastrous (noob) - Royal Archer
Heresy (CrazyDogMan) - Imperial Knight
Illu - Guardian Druid
Bleblee (mandingo) - Guardian Druid
Demonology - Archer
Chokeme Harder - Knight
Nizthariel - High Mage
Zenux (Toxic) - Guardian Druid
Rusty Hood - Royal Archer
Toz'guk (FriendlyFire) - Imperial Knight
Czlowiek Czynu - Imperial Knight
Tanathox - High Mage
Rewritable - Imperial Knight
Lil Timmeh (TIMMEHH) - Royal Archer
Druugan - Guardian Druid
Gwen (CrazyCatLady) - Druid
King Rollo - Royal Archer
Skatteverket - High Mage
Kronkalle - High Mage
Embukii - Royal Archer
Generalen Insane (elo) - Knight
Nilaya - Royal Archer
Zuttlan - Royal Archer
Helldog (clickclack) - Mage
Allunir - High Mage
Bill Shankly - Guardian Druid
Jlp - Imperial Knight
Lunet - Guardian Druid
Meriele Healer - Guardian Druid
Xirvisa - High Mage
Nortonious - Imperial Knight
Johnnyboy - Royal Archer
General Bolter Of'Gods - Royal Archer
Maas - Royal Archer
Phogelbice - Imperial Knight
Stalekracker - High Mage
Invited players
- Zeksy (Soldier)
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