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Guild #7097 - Ouroboros (founded on Sun, Jul 29, 2018 8:27 PM)
We are a group of friends who seek to charlove and rpg.
Founded on Thu, Oct 6, 2016, 4:24PM on Spectrum and together since then.
Dextok - High Mage
Zullkz - Crusader Knight
Yishay Archer (sandão) - Royal Archer
Unagi - Master Archer
Wagyu (Alphawolffangman) - Royal Archer
Caniddia (WakandaForever) - Royal Archer
Nitrogen - Royal Archer
Shing - Imperial Knight
Nyltro - Guardian Druid
Velho Nordo - Imperial Knight
Fazedor de Runa - Arch Druid
Shzzaeiqkb - Master Archer
Dyend - Imperial Knight
Boleum (sarte) - Arch Druid
Eldarion - Supreme Mage
Siam - Crusader Knight
Seck - Royal Archer
Tchunay - High Mage
Severino Quebra Galho (CaraCracha) - Knight
Rhaero - Druid
Rhaeri - Archer
Yasuke - Archer
Sempai - Imperial Knight
Ryuko - Royal Archer
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