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Guild #10055 - Prophecy (founded on Thu, Aug 19, 2021 8:10 PM)
Shadiz Kernoel - Imperial Knight
Rhaskos - Crusader Knight
Kapten Filling - Guardian Druid
Iron Nou (SuspiciousArchmage) - Supreme Mage
Ich liebe Kernoel - High Mage
Seevonek Kernoel - Royal Archer
Uschi Kernoel - Arch Druid
Fladimir Kernoel (Langweilig) - Master Archer
Jere Kernoel (Ozur) - Mage
Mati Kernoel - Archer
Dras - Royal Archer
Klepsyliusz (Tough) - Imperial Knight
Kleps (PewPewPew) - Royal Archer
Zito - Imperial Knight
Zenthinel - Imperial Knight
Im From Hell (ShadowHyuga) - Mage
Swordbunny - Knight
Etiko - Royal Archer
Valourin - Mage
Javat (ProtectorOfDogFollower) - Master Archer
Pharaxe - Royal Archer
Ithean - High Mage
Castroo - Imperial Knight
Oogway - Imperial Knight
Dimilkis - Imperial Knight
Timskoo - Imperial Knight
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