The Great War of Sheol

Once home to many orders of influence, Sheol held charge of this world cluster - the world of chaos, Eashal, Medivia, and its twin world Aividem. As wise creatures who could peer into the mana river and foresee the future within, aware of their power, they did not interfere in these worlds as long as the inhabitants of those realms did not threaten themselves.

The vast deep libraries of Sheol were filled with records of past events and the myriad opportunities offered to the worlds. Upon predicting malevolent intent, the order of fortune tellers directed the watchers' attention to the dimension of Veren, home to the demons. In response, the watchers devised a special form of magic that formed a thin bubble of energy around their dimension strong enough to hide its presence from unknown worlds.

The enchantment was upheld by the highest arch-watchers, but its strength became weakened by forces of chaos during the Melysean slaughter. During this event, Sheol was invaded by scout demons who broke into the world and opened the secret hellgates deep below the Sheolian surface and there awaited the right time to attack. Thankfully, the foresight of the order of fortune tellers enabled them to warn the other orders of impending war.

Legions of countless demons fueled by chaos continuously flooded into the gray Sheolian lands. As the watchers realized they could not hold back the force of Veren, they decided they had to flee to a safe world. A gate in the Dust City of Zarrith connected Sheol to Medivia, so the watchers began building a mighty ship that would take them on a long journey across the mana river and save them from extinction.

After three months, the surviving watchers boarded the ship and set out for Medivia, leaving their home in the hands of ten powerful Arbitors and those who wanted to stay in their home world even if it meant their death. As the ship disappeared in the glow of a magical breach, second-rank lieutenant Elijah rang the Bell of All Things - a powerful artifact made from the bones of a fallen demon - and so destroyed not only most of the city that was once the pearl of Sheol, but also the last portal to the world of Medivia.

The Arbitors were thus left alone to fight the final battle against the overwhelming masses of Veren demons, using every sacred artifact of power at their disposal even if it meant the annihilation of their world.

Elijah strode along the battlefield and tore apart the hosts of demonic creatures as they came on. He showed no fatigue, and any injuries his body sustained were healed instantaneously thanks to the Relic of Glory. Suddenly a sense of quiet filled the air, broken only by distant muffled screams. Something frightened the demons, and in great desperation they started to retreat. As the dust of their frantic flight began to fall, Mesgaias emerged from the dark, holding a deathly grip on the Penitential artifact smoldering with red, toxic energy.

Elijah moved toward him in an attempt to stop this transgression against creation, but it was too late. The glow of all-consuming energy illuminated the whole of Sheol and the multiverse in totality. The pillar of cursed light tore through the world, breaking into the realm which was his true target - Veren. The demon world was annihilated immediately, and the last reserves of the Sheolian Mana River dried up. This is how the first cataclysm began.

The pillar of energy raged in both worlds, like an angry god determined to destroy his own creation, tearing all apart and putting it back together. In the end not a rock or mountain remained in its original place. When the awful power finally extinguished, the artifact collapsed under its own weight and left behind the final tomb of the watchers. The calamity left its mark on more than these two worlds, its ripples echoed through Medivia, Aividem and Eashal as well. The river of mana in each of these became destabilized for only a brief moment, signifying impending catastrophe.

The fleeing watchers who struggled to escape Sheol were struck by the shockwaves, their ship suffering severe damage, thus sending many plummeting overboard to their deaths. The guidance of those fallen souls who were absorbed by the river and became one with it ended up being the only reason the remainder of the watcher race managed to reach their destination - the world of Medivia. However, the destruction of their home world was not the worst misfortune that struck them. The race's breach of A'an's law contributed to their gradual de-evolution over the next century, degrading their existence and making them more animal than god. All due to their souls' inherent link to the corrupted Mana River of Sheol which was now fated to serve as the realm of demons.

The Watchers

Some Sheolian watchers still survive within the city Zarrith, protected by a handful of very powerful watchers and the mighty weavings of their magic rituals.

They lie in wait for the prophecied hero to arrive and restore Sheol back to its rightful inhabitants.

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