The Lake of Demonic Souls

Archdemons are creatures of exceptional power, they surpass the rest of their race not only in physical size and aggression, but in magical prowess as well. They are able to easily manipulate different kinds of energies. Where it takes years for lesser demons to develop an inkling of this power, the archdemons possess it inherently from birth. Their appearance, musculature and skin are derived from their inner element, no regular weapon is able to hurt them. Only an army of exceptional warriors may have a chance at stopping such a calamity. Alone, no one being can compare with them.

The demon lake is a mysterious construct brought to Sheol during the destruction of Veren. Apart from its primary purpose, to materialize the souls of demons into biological form, it is also a powerful source of energy. Its power is comparable to that of Sheol's entire mana river. The lake appears to be liquid, but this is only partially the case. The immense energy collected in this reservoir condenses the magical substance and compresses it. Passing through such a substance would be comparable to passing through a tank filled with lead balls. Due to the fact that demons are born fully grown and at full strength they are able to get out of this river without much problem. An interesting phenomenon is the growth of crystals in the cave around the lake, a substance is constantly evaporating from the lake and crystallizing into black crystals that can potentially be utilised for powerful black magic. Additionally, it should be possible to use this energy to power sacred artifacts if properly stabilized by rituals.

The Castle in the Depths

The castle called Hellhole is located beyond the demonic soul lake. It was created before the escalation of the conflict with the watchers. It was the first point the demons reached during their scouting missions. It was also the site of the great evacuation of the beasts during the annihilation of Veren. It was the place where Azeran, the commander of the black host of demon lords, established the first kingdom. Due to its nearness to the All-River of mana, the power that permeated the area was almost divine.

Azeran, with his mighty powers and knowledge of the Philosopher's Stone, was able to reanimate his companions even if their souls were partially degraded. Another of his magical powers was the ritual to strengthen demon souls - spiritual triangulation. It was based on the imposition of a magic seal on the inner element of a demon, which changed not only the soul of the demon but also its personality and appearance. This kind of magic was perfected by the forces of chaos and used as an aid for the demons during the Great War. Thus Azeran created the first hybrids. For example Kruzgog, ruler of the black prison, wrought from the decay and putridness of worms in combination with a regular ashlord. Azeran was an extremely useful ally to Baalerun and created for him armies of the most powerful infernal beings that rivaled the powers of true arch-demons. For this he was elected the leader of the Order of the Black Circle.

Secretly, however, Azeran disagreed with Baalerun's tyranny and planned a rebellion to throw him down and restore harmony to the multiverse by restoring the old pact with the races of the world of Medivia. When his betrayal came to light, he was sentenced to soul torture by his master, Baalerun.

He took the form of a desert god, gave an unnamed hero a weapon created by Mortem's sinful magic to wound and degrade Azeran's soul. After months of unbearable pain and mortifying visions to torture his mind into despair, Azeran lost his mind.

BBut within that nightmare he found himself again, body wounded and soul cracked, Azeran's strength was left but a shadow of what it was before. Even so, his determination was endless and his will for revenge was unquenchable. He also still held the arcane alchemical knowledge that allowed him transmutation of things and beings into whatever he wished. The magic was not perfected by him, but he had imprisoned people with the wisdom of mastering it. Baalerun knew, however, that Azeran was still aware of his own power, and as he began to extend his demonic tentacles into the world of Medivia - even though under Baalerun's control - he secretly formed his own army to confront his hated kin and the one who forged the weapon that wounded him so badly - Mortem.

Before Azeran's plan came to fruition it was disrupted by a human who rejected faith in his "divine" pawns, the Omens, and revealed his true plans to Rashed - the god of Yehsha - who, unknowingly to Azeran, was Lord Baalerun. With this final transgression, Azeran broke the alliance with his master and became the primary target of the black crusade. He was annihilated by a hero of unknown name who pierced his soul with a spear of destiny in the prisons of Yehsha. The strike erased his soul from the history of the cosmos forever, and thus the oblivious champion became the cause of the crisis in Abukir and the further pervasion of demons into Medivia.

Following Azeran's destruction, Hellhole and the Order of the Black Circle were placed under the command of Mortem, who attempted to make use of the alchemical powers over which his predeccesor had full control. His inept attempts at combining death magic with the power of the All-River resulted in the contamination of the land with corruption and destruction in material form, the appetite of these demonic maws was seemingly endless and devoured nearly everything living in sight. They quickly consumed the corpses left behind by the war, leaving only bones as monuments to events now mostly forgotten.

Mortem was never able to master Azeran's mysterious powers, for his own magic was not tied to the aspect of life. He could only devour and absorb power, which is why he became the guardian of the Lake of Souls. He was capable of spreading his magic all over Sheol and harvesting energy to direct straight to the lake, allowing for the constant birthing of new demons.

Nonetheless, Baalerun continues his quest to replace Azeran, he is determined to find pure gold - the Philosopher's Stone - to regain the power his own kingdom lost in losing Azeran. Alas, of the two people who could help him in this, one was already dead, and the other, the sorceress Morrah, locked in Azeran's magic prison which no demon can breach.