The Fortune Tellers

It was a highly respected order that recorded histories chronologically from each world. The libraries in the depths of Sheol were full of records of past events and the opportunities that were offered to the worlds. The only world with linear time that would seem to have no future was the world of chaos.

The vast deep libraries of Sheol were filled with records of past events and the myriad opportunities offered to the worlds. Upon predicting malevolent intent, the order of fortune tellers directed the watchers' attention to the dimension of Veren, home to the demons. In response, the watchers devised a special form of magic that formed a thin bubble of energy around their dimension strong enough to hide its presence from unknown worlds.

The enchantment was upheld by the highest arch-watchers, but its strength became weakened by forces of chaos during the Melysean slaughter. During this event, Sheol was invaded by scout demons who broke into the world and opened the secret hellgates deep below the Sheolian surface and there awaited the right time to attack.

Thankfully, the foresight of the order of fortune tellers enabled them to warn the other orders of impending war.