The cancer of Sheol

The cave of the blood witches is situated in the southwestern part of Sheol. Before the Great War, there were lakes there which had healing properties. The area is now under the rule of Princess Norae, who has turned it into a testing ground where she uses restoration magic to create powerful biological beings capable of functioning on their own without animating magic.

During the offensive against the temple of Ma'ad, Norae received a chaos blessing that enhanced her power tenfold, but her magic became unpredictable. Sometimes using a weak incantation could end up destroying an entire city. This is what happened in the lair of the blood witches, during one of her experiments. She had been trying to create an independent biological form that, although mindless, would instinctively seek to live on and multiply, like a cancer on the land.

Adventurers who have entered into her realm tell of huge constructs of flesh and skin that, strengthened by magic, become as hard as steel. They talk about strange growths and channels designed to keep blood flowing to nourish the living organism.

What Norae didn't know was that the only reason this creature was alive was because it drew power from the old regeneration lakes that had now become a rancid reservoir of blood. The magic that sustained the creature had long since depleted, and the process of decay had begun. Deep within.

The determined witch seeks a solution to this problem, combining her powers with Mortem's magic to create a perfect being, one not limited by biological constraints. A true war behemoth that would grow to the size of the Mittenhoff mountains.