The Black Circle

The Plaguelords of Abukir are an ancient order of arch-demons born and bred in the foulness of the demon world of Veren. Their extraordinary strength earned them high praise and ranking in the demonic hierarchy, eventually becoming elected the defenders of the ruler of Sheol - Baalerun. These seven Baalerun christened his "Order of the Black Circle", the vilest of dark powers the kingdom ever bred.

Many years of havoc and bloodshed in the depths of the world of fire, and countless wars waged in the world of the watchers, honed them into merciless but wise beasts. They mastered the magic of the elements and twisted them as they willed. Baalerun quickly utilised this potential and took over the most important strategic points during the Great War and seized the kingdom of the watchers. Eventually the demons set their sights on Medivia as their next conquest, these "champions" were sent to Medivia by the arch tyrant to prepare the energy required for the demonic hosts' journey over.

The diabolic souls of those demons had a negative influence on the Medivian mana river, but so did it have a bad influence on them. When a demon enters Medivia it assumes a form which resembles most closely its inner element. However, due to the effect of Medivian mana conflicting with their nature, they're not able to fully realise their power and have little control over their elements. Herein lies the ruin of the Order's plan. They underestimated the weakness of their assumed forms in Medivia and fell prey to its protectors. The demons were obliterated and their spirits sent back to Sheol where they stand by their master's side and await what they no doubt intend to be the final battle for Medivia.