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Currently supported versions:
Legacy: 572
Spectrum: 238
Pendulum: 377
Destiny: 865
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World Map
The world of Medivia is separated into the main land, a few smaller continents and loads of islands. The main land contains most human cities such as Thais, Carlin and Venore as well as villages such as Fibula, Greenshore or Northport. Furthermore, the main land contains the dwarf city Kazordoon and the elf city Ab'Dendriel. Other than that there is plenty of areas to discover. From the Ghostland east of Carlin, to the swamps of Venore, there are countless of enviorments and creatures to explore and fight along your journey through the game. The other continents can be reached by sailing with one of the boats in one of the major cities and offer even more opportunities of exploration. Gather your friends and discover the ice city of Icenhaal, the undead army of Forgula or even the Plaguebringers of Abukir.
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