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Hello every1, i found a big problem inside my friend's house.

You see an open door.
It belongs to house 'Bridge Lane 4'.
Acid Pope owns this house.

I tried to put my Dragon Trophy right there and now Its gone. It used to be a lamp there, and its gone, too. Please, i want my trophy back and this problem solved. I pay for playing this game and owning my own house and i'm being disadvantaged because of these bugs. Its not even new in this game. Ive heard a lot of ppl had the same problem . Thanks
Posted 1 year ago by Khalid (87 Druid of Legacy) Quote
Server save shuts down these lamps in Venore high-rise on 2nd floor (1 or 2 might stay lit, not sure).

Posted 1 year ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Everything dissapear when u throw it on marked area while standing like I am.
Posted 1 year ago by Ralphx (113 Druid of Legacy) Quote
Hello... I tried to sleep on the bed of my druid's house.. before i hit the bed to sleep i ate 2 frozen ham.. that was 2 hrs ago.. now i login.. my mana didnt grow it is still the same.. and my body is left sleeping in the bed still while im already online.... i dont have this problem if i sleep at the bed of my house in yehsha

Posted 1 year ago by Miss Jill (170 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Map bug in my house.. when you put tapestry on that torch..the tapestry automatically hang behind it...

house is in Yehsha Arpaesis ll b

Posted 1 year ago by Miss Jill (170 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I have a problem with the wall, when I put something there, like tapestry, trophy... it goes to the out of the house like in the print...
The house is:
Castle, 2nd Floor, Flat 07
Posted 1 year ago by Marilyn Manson (50 Druid of Destiny) Quote

I've posted 2 or 3 weeks ago but i believe the Dev Team haven't got my post and also... it got deleted, but regardless that, I live at Magic Academy, Flat 2 (Garrogat) and one of my wall's already 'eat' my nether spider trophy before, I've been testing to see if that got fixed for the past days and so far nothing, i have the pictures but i'm current unable to access them, i'll edit the post later and add the pictures, but it's the walls right beneath my door V >.

Edit: SS's
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
Community Manager
All of the above issues have been fixed. I am not sure when it will be visible but it shouldn't take longer than a week.
Posted 1 year ago by Xuna on Legacy (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Some borders missing in corrupted island:

Posted 1 year ago by Avyssus (213 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
my house has a bug, the sprite of the open door is considered closed, and I can only enter when it's closed
Posted 1 year ago by Josney Killer (57 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
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