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09:52 Na'than: beer
09:52 Dane: Alcohol makes people too aggressive. We don't need such stuff in Carlin.

Shouldn't be a beer cask

This same npc sells drinks which you can't drink.
Posted 4 years ago by Fisting (44 Warrior of Destiny) Quote

Half a stone at Mt. Sternum

Border at Hoggle's place.
Posted 4 years ago by Erdrick (151 Warrior of Legacy) Quote

Cormaya Castle of the White Dragon, second floor, carpet overlapping stove.
Posted 4 years ago by Beheld (115 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
When I put shovel on floor then use it on the hole between me and the shovel my character will walk on the hole pile then the hole will be opened, but I will keep on the opened hole.

Posted 4 years ago by Laspumosa (44 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
Magic Rope spell [Exani Tera] does not work on this cave.

Posted 4 years ago by Rsn (184 Ranger of Legacy) Quote

Thank you guys. Indeed, the spell on this specific rope spot will be fixed right away after server save.
Posted 4 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote

i found bug in my house. When i put tapestry in the one of wall in my house after SS everythink disappears.
I wanna put there something great tapestry so please GM fix my problem. In the picture i will show You that wall by "<".

p.s. In first time i lost 2x warrior tapestry and 1x royal .... =,(

Posted 4 years ago by unknown Quote
I've cut but the wheat keeps on the floor. - Fibula farms, near NPC Timur.

Posted 4 years ago by Laspumosa (44 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote

Posted 4 years ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
House Sky Lane, Gargoyle Tower, Edron

1 in the green circle, I've tested many times and is not saving items on that SQM. The blue one circled SQM failed to save items once (on the first week I bought the house).

Posted 4 years ago by Pofeve (75 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
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