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This pyramid on Daraman definitely needs to be reworked somehow. There is no protection zone on it. However, if you get to the top floor with pz-lock you can no longer jump down. You are stuck there just like the floor below is protection zone even though it's not.

I don't think there should be protection zones in spawn, and a pyramid like this is too overpowered to be able to stairjump. My suggestion is that you make the pyramid only one floor high, and with a flat roof, much like the ankrahmun shops north of depot. Could add some obstacles on top of it aswell. Stairjumps on pyramids is very annoying when trying to kill people :)
Posted 4 years ago by Maas Damodred (183 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
^ Signed
Posted 4 years ago by Tankenstien (166 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
You can use the command - alana sio "yourname~
It kicks you out of the house and on front of the door chrissy


I thought i was bidding on House 1 but ended up with House 2. Didnt realize they were both named the same until after the auction. Also if someone ropes a wasp or something there is no way out of house 2 unless someone else comes up and kills it or you log onto a different character.
Posted 4 years ago by Dimitri Orbelin (201 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote

I have lost alot of tapestry and trophys in my house (Market Street 1),
You can't hang anything at the north wall becuse when ss is coming evrything will be gone.

Can anyone help me to get back my stuff and fix it.
Posted 4 years ago by Papai Syrrum (308 Knight of Destiny) Quote
That basin is hidden under the carpet at Darashia Bank.

Posted 4 years ago by Darkrose Ranger (60 Scout of Destiny) Quote
Thank you guys. All issues since my last post should be fixed.
Posted 4 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
The house, Cormaya 12 is quite bugged with barrels in walls and the bed is a bit funny ^^
Posted 4 years ago by Elydia (108 Druid of Legacy) Quote
I think this is a little bit much?
I'd like to have the house re-designed, without extra costs.
80 euro's for such design is never going to be payed. I'd rather buy Angel Falls instead which is located in Edron and costs 80 euro's aswell.

13:16 House Info:
Address: Cormaya 12
Rent: 5200 gold
Size: 240sqm.
Price: 1 house rose and 2 premium house roses.
13:16 !houseinfo

Posted 4 years ago by Tsyuki (80 Druid of Legacy) Quote

Thank you for the report. It is an unintended bug obviously. I will have it fixed as soon as possible.
Posted 4 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote

09:52 Na'than: beer
09:52 Dane: Alcohol makes people too aggressive. We don't need such stuff in Carlin.

Shouldn't be a beer cask
Posted 4 years ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
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