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Found some typos in the npc dialogue when doing postman quest

Posted 10 months ago by Slymantis on Spectrum (121 Druid of Legacy) Quote
11:59 Chris Sharma: lich skull
11:59 Ruppel Heldmann: The heliodor bars, did you get them?

This one been around for a while, he accepts the lich skulls just fine, but the text seems wrong.
Posted 10 months ago by Chris Sharma (246 Knight of Legacy) Quote
npc rulha no give task the orc spearmen npc say me "Too bad, it would be quite interesting." (npc carlin or npc thais no give task Orc Spearmen.
Posted 9 months ago by unknown Quote
When trading with Robin in thais, you need to tell him "Polar Bear PAW" to get phoenix tapestries..... even tho the item is actually called "Polar Bear CLAWS"
Posted 9 months ago by Unagi (279 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Yehsha weapon npc Aadim, two handed sword price doesn't seem correct:

21:12 Bacnug: sell 2 two handed sword
21:12 Aadim: Do you want to sell 2 two handed swords for 380 gold?
21:12 Bacnug: yes
21:12 Aadim: Fine. Here is your money.
Posted 9 months ago by Bacnug (97 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
NPC's in Venore Furniture Shop seems to be bugged.
They reply "Maybe next time." to every word you say to them with some exceptions.
Also they don't tell you what exactly they are selling so you need to check what is behind counter or look up on wiki.
Posted 9 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Professor Flitwick sells levitate, but doesn't tell you about it when you ask him.

14:28 Professor Flitwick: Of course I can teach you spells! I know Undead Legion, Cancel Invisibility, Magic Wall, Ultimate Light, Animate Dead, Strong Haste, and Magic Rope.
14:28 Savage Jazzstar: levitate
14:28 Professor Flitwick: Do you want to buy the spell 'levitate' for 500 gold?
Posted 8 months ago by Margo (253 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Yargoon is in "dept" with Ohrul.

Seen this while doing Abukir access.

Yargoon: I told him about the plagues and he understood that Omens betrayed us. I am eternally grateful and in his dept, that is why I do all his business with your kind...
Posted 8 months ago by Hunzo (43 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
King Medivus tells you to visit sage EREMO after you get promoted.
Probably other NPCs tells you the same.
Posted 8 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
during postman when you get the mission to get everyone's measurements. kevin tells you their names. he gets the new garrogat postmaster wrong and uses old name chrystal. new name is chloe
Posted 8 months ago by Shinra (97 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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