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Syl'morcururondYou will get key when you start task.

Thanks for the help friend, I was worried because in the medivia wiki shows that it wins when the minotaurs task finishes
Posted 3 years ago by Rookguardian de'Volth (45 None of Legacy) Quote
Many npcs in Venore are behaving improperly.
This happens to all furniture npcs (and some others):

I say "Hi" or "Job" or "Goods" or "Offer" -> they respod
I say "Table" or "Chair" or whatever -> they say "Maybe next time"

It is impossible to buy anything from them.
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote
All is working as intended, only his questions are wrong. Has he some fetish for heliodor bars :S ?

Posted 3 years ago by Karliaah (461 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I found a small bug when you want to buy a rune emblem backpack.
the problem is that you can't buy a backpack when you have only gold with you,
I have more then 20gp in my backpack but the npc is telling me that I don't have enough money,
when I take like 2 platinum coins and my gp's in my backpack I can just buy it for 20gp.
Posted 3 years ago by Cecilia (93 Druid of Legacy) Quote
02:51 Seymour: These bloody elves! Dangerous mainland creatures which hided in their chests now populated the deepest caves on Novus. You need to kill these spiderlings!

Dialogue needs editing.
Posted 3 years ago by Syl'morcururond (60 None of Legacy) Quote
POSTMAN QUEST WITH TEXT ERROR -> Kevin: So listen well. Behind the lower left door you will find a bag. The letters in the bag are for none other than Santa Claus! Deliver them to his house on the isle of Vega, USE the bag on his mailbox and report back here.

The door with the bag is on the right - not the left as in the text. And also the Vega name which many people reported already.
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote

I've been selling Wand!S! of Light for some time now, but the NPC (Traveller) keeps making the same grammar mistake):
I'm pretty sure it should be "1 Wand of Light" and "2 Wands of Light", not "2 Wand of Lights", or am I wrong?
Posted 3 years ago by Burning Bruthus (301 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
NPC Grondolf and Draculd Lightbringer quest Collect 3x Ancient Bones. I died and lost the ancient bones for that day. Grondolf asks for bones and Draculd says I dont have them. After many SS the bones do not reset. So quest line is broken.... you must collect these bones 7x I have done 5x and now they do not respawn.
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote
cant buy spells at marvik in thais.
He lists Food as a spell he is selling but he does not respond to any of it.

It it supposed to work like this?

seems like many other people have the same issue:

Schizophrenic Druglord MemphisSo apparently you are not able to buy the food spell "exevo pan" from the Druid 'Padreia'

18:05 Schizophrenic Druglord Memphis: supply spells
18:05 Padreia: In this category I have 'Food'.
18:05 Schizophrenic Druglord Memphis: food

It will only work if you tell her that you want to buy the spell 'create food'

18:11 Schizophrenic Druglord Memphis: create food
18:11 Padreia: Do you want to buy the spell 'food' for 150 gold?

I dont know about other NPCs but this one seems a little buggy.


Oh god, another druid just appeared
and you are supposed to write "Create food".
It used to be just food or conjure food in real tibia, in any case the listing of spells is confusing. It should be changed regardless.
Posted 3 years ago by Mak Dizdar (35 Cleric of Destiny) Quote
Hello, I found a problem with temple NPC Maealil, in Ab'dendriel.
As any other NPC in a temple, he was supposed to heal us with low health or cure poison or any other status. But unfortunately he isn't doing this:

14:14 Maealil: Ashari, Miss Magician.
14:14 Miss Magician: help
14:14 Miss Magician: heal
14:14 Miss Magician: job
14:14 Maealil: I am a mystic.
14:14 Miss Magician: mystic
14:14 Maealil: I am a philosopher and healer.

Even though he says: "I am a philosopher and healer."

Please, fix this problem, I just died 2 times becausa of pks attacks...
Posted 2 years ago by Miss Magician (13 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
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