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Tibra is not allowing me to accept her task.
I already found what she asked for, she started to react on "mission" word, but then, when she asks if im willing to kill xxx nothing happens when i say yes. Questlog is also empty.

Another problem.
I found the "secret" mission for thaian army

And i would love to do it, but i cant make the first step required to do so.
Roderick is not answering me (i already finished all 3 tasks for him), Dermot is asking me to kill 100 heroes, but when i reject he says
18:49 Dermot: So I have to assume you are a traitor or too weak!

but nothing happens.
Daniel Steelsouls is also not reacting.
I tried to curse them, curse tibianus, hail lightbringers so i guess something is wrong.

managed to do what i had to do with Harkath, so i think he should be mentioned in the description..
Posted 6 years ago by Paris (172 Warrior of Legacy) Quote

I have problem with the sheep quest from Queen in Carlin.
She/sheriff give me the quest but if i kill a sheep it dosnt count.
Fix this asap.

Btw, I dont have any other tasks started.
Posted 6 years ago by Ocke Zuharsson (152 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
No NPC sells the Light heal friend spell.
Posted 6 years ago by unknown Quote
Game Master
MagicI joined the Lightbringers and got it in my Quest Log but cant go through the seeled door in outlaw camp can you help me please or contact me in-game?

Edit : Also when asking him again about joining lightbringers he tells me again the whole story

Check your other post.

Business Man, did you finish all Shauna tasks? Do you have another task open?
Posted 6 years ago by GM Madragor (2 None of Legacy) Quote
I can't accept 4th mission from Daronk, he doesnt answer to 'yes' after asking me for a mission.
Posted 6 years ago by Zahnoshee (124 Knight of Legacy) Quote
20:47 Etzel: In this category I have 'Fireball', 'Great Fireball' and 'Explosion'.
20:47 Joana: great fireball
20:47 Joana: fireball
20:48 Joana: explosion

Also, it is still not possible to buy Light Heal Friend!
Posted 6 years ago by Joana (59 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
Hello, today I have finished last task for Shauna and went to get one from Tibra, but unfortunately i wasnt able to accept the task.

I have tried to 'reset' but it did not work. please fix this
Posted 6 years ago by Hellboy (431 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Game Master
Did you actually find Forgula yet?
Posted 6 years ago by GM Madragor (2 None of Legacy) Quote
Yeah, I have been there already

adding pic of my quest log:
Posted 6 years ago by Hellboy (431 Knight of Legacy) Quote

i've made some mission's for Roderic

And in quest log i got u have killed monsters under cloak of lighbringer and he dont give me more mission's !

10:26 Czokledmen: hi
10:26 Roderick: Salutations Czokledmen.
10:26 Czokledmen: mission
10:26 Roderick: Too bad it did not work out. Anyway take these 150000 experience points.
10:27 Czokledmen: mission
10:27 Czokledmen: yes
10:27 Czokledmen: bye
Posted 6 years ago by unknown Quote
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