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Actually it's still being worked on. NPCs are being heavily reviewed and that takes a bit of time since we have over 350 of them.

I will notify players when the whole process is finished, but for the meanwhile you will be able to find few different game names within different NPCs. I hope that won't cause much of a problem. I will try to finish everything as soon as possible.
Posted 4 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
22:07 Gilmor Thunderbell: seamonster
22:07 Marlene: Only some days ago I was at the docks late in the night and was looking for my husband's ship when suddenly a known noise appeared near the docks. ...

<she breaks>

22:08 Marlene: Good bye and come again for some other rumours! *waves with her hand at you*

She doesn't finish the story, something is bugged.

22:07 Gilmor Thunderbell: Aneus
22:10 Marlene: A very nice person. He has a great story to tell with big fights and much magic. Just ask him for his story. ...

same thing here:

22:11 Gilmor Thunderbell: rumours
22:11 Marlene: Well, I heard about evil beings living in a dungeon below us. So once I tried to find them and went down the hole far to the southwest. ...

I think they might be more NPCs bugged with multiple sentences splitted apart.
Posted 4 years ago by Gilmor Thunderbell (189 Knight of Legacy) Quote
18:07 Oldrak: They created Tibia and all life on it ... and unlife, too.
Posted 4 years ago by Pelefant (70 Druid of Destiny) Quote
Can we have max amount of ammunition you can buy at once moved from 1000 to 2000 (arrows/bolts/etc)
Posted 4 years ago by Illidian (70 Scout of Destiny) Quote
Crowbar should be in that list shouldn't it?

Na'than: equipment
Lubo: I sell torches, fishing rods, ropes, water hoses, backpacks, apples, and maps.
Na'than: crowbar
Lubo: Do you want to buy a crowbar for 260 gold? I know its rather expensive, but I must protect people from thieves.
Posted 4 years ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote

It should be medivia instead of tibianic now
Posted 4 years ago by Jestem (290 Knight of Legacy) Quote
JestemIt should be medivia instead of tibianic now

I think Iryont is still in the process of changing Tibianic to Medivia
Posted 4 years ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Issue with exchanging Collection Item:
Kazzan -- Darashia -- 200 Larva Eggs -- 50 Platinum Coins

NPC Kazzan in Darashia won't exchange for 200 larva eggs.

Tested Sept/18/2015.

Korra: 200 larva eggs

in other words, no reply from Kazzan.
Posted 4 years ago by Korra (87 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
18:19 Hardwell: 12:19 Hardwell: hi 12:19 Fenech: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh. 12:19 Hardwell: offer 12:19 Fenech: I sell runes, wands, rods and spellbooks.

npc has some extra offers
Posted 4 years ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
21:12 Rocco Hung: passage
21:12 Captain Musa: Where do you want to go? To Thais, Venore, Carlin, Edron or Ankrahmun?
21:12 Rocco Hung: thais
21:12 Rocco Hung: yes
21:12 Captain Musa: I'm sorry, but you need a premium account in order to travel onboard our ships.

at least Thais seems to be bugged there
Posted 4 years ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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