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NPC's talking for a long time will say bye before finishing what they have to say.

17:09 Pelefant: hi
17:09 Melchior: Welcome, Pelefant! The lovely sound of your voice shines like a beam of light through my solitary darkness!
17:09 Pelefant: djinn
17:09 Melchior: The djinns are a wondrous race. Swift and strong they are and larger, much larger than any man. ...
17:10 Melchior: And yet, djinns fit into tiny lamps, for they are but half solid creatures who can change into mist whenever they want to! It is as though they lived between the worlds, travelling hither and thither as they please. ...
17:10 Melchior: Little is known about their origin, but legend has it Zathroth himself, the dark master of magic, created them to some unknown evil purpose. ...
17:10 Melchior: But they are not evil, and perhaps that is why Zathroth eventually abandoned them! Djinns have independent minds and souls just like humans, and just like us they are forlorn creatures struggling to find their place in creation. ...
17:10 Melchior: They have fought a bitter, bitter war between themselves over this, a cataclysmic war that led them to the brink of self-destruction. ...
17:10 Melchior: Today they are few and far between, but they are still divided into two warring fractions, the gentle Marid and the cruel Efreet, and neither side will rest until the other is utterly defeated. ...
17:11 Melchior: May the light be with you.
Posted 4 years ago by Pelefant (70 Druid of Destiny) Quote

Thank you all for the bug reports. I believe everything (since my previous post) should be fixed right after server.
Posted 4 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
03:08 Robin: Ah, a visitor. Greetings Pelefant!
03:08 Pelefant: rabbit ears
03:08 Robin: Do you have 30 rabbit ears with you?
03:08 Pelefant: yes
03:08 Robin: Great, Pelefant. Here are your model ship.

Posted 4 years ago by Pelefant (70 Druid of Destiny) Quote
15:54 Fairy: advancement
15:54 Kevin: You are worthy indeed. Do you want to advance in our guild?.

The "."
Posted 4 years ago by unknown Quote
Unable to buy any spell from Eroth in Ab'Dendriel

02:32 Sidarux: Hi
02:32 Eroth: I greet thee, outsider.
02:32 Sidarux: spells
02:32 Eroth: I can teach the spells 'Magic Shield', 'Invisible', 'Destroy Field', 'Creature Illusion', 'Chameleon', 'Convince Creature', and 'Summon Creature'.
02:32 Sidarux: Buy Destroy Field
02:32 Sidarux: Buy Magic Shield
02:32 Eroth: Magic comes almost naturally to the Cenath. We keep the secrets of ages.
02:32 Sidarux: bye
It doesn't gives me the option to buy them when I ask to...


Posted 4 years ago by Sidarux (35 Scout of Legacy) Quote

These issues were fixed. Thank you.
Posted 4 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
11:47 Captain Surtom: Where do you want to go? To Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Venore, Ankrahmun, isle Cormaya, or the Calcanea?
11:47 Rocco Hung: calcanea
11:47 Captain Surtom: I can drop you off at that isle for 280 gold?
11:47 Rocco Hung: yes

Calcanea doesn't work, he won't respond to the yes :P
Posted 4 years ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I'm not able to buy multiple parcels from Chrystal at Edron.

09:01 Torodel: 2 parcels
09:01 Chrystal: Do you want to buy a parcel for 10 gold?

Doesn't work in ankrahmun either, but in venore.
Posted 4 years ago by Proof Al Ghull (110 Scout of Destiny) Quote
07:46 Baa'leal: Now go! Travel to the northern city Carlin! Keep your eyes open and look around for something that might give you a clue!

It should to be "Thais" not "Carlin"
Posted 4 years ago by Draz (107 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
11:44 You see a sign.
You read: Welcome to Nordic Medivia Ferries!
Roundtrip to any island is 20 gold.
Destination Islands: Senja, Folda, Vega

11:42 Carlson: Ahoi, young man Gilmor Thunderbell and welcome to the Nordic Tibianic Ferries.
11:42 Gilmor Thunderbell: tibianic
11:42 Carlson: Do you want a free passage back to Tibianic?

11:44 Nielson: Ahoi, young man Gilmor Thunderbell and welcome to the Nordic Tibianic Ferries.
11:44 Gilmor Thunderbell: tibianic
11:44 Nielson: This is Tibianic, the continent.

same thing on folda/senja.

Most likely you have already parsed and changed books/signs but npc transcripts haven't been changed yet.
Posted 4 years ago by Gilmor Thunderbell (189 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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