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Julera 2003-? Sir Fredde, Tyra The Druid, Moewattalis The Druid
Obsidia 2009-2011 Derfed
Berylia from start Fec Vito
Posted 3 years ago by Sir Fredde (437 Archmage of Legacy) Quote

Nebula since 07' till 09'~~ then acc has been sold
Posted 3 years ago by Bully (46 None of Legacy) Quote
LOOKING for my old antica-lunara friends;

Dios Thor/Uruk hai
Knight ed

Posted 3 years ago by Fetish (48 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
Legacy about 3 years ago, Burstrinatrix - guild Order
Posted 3 years ago by Percival (47 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
Isara & Del'Toros, I know we got a few here. Step forward!
Posted 3 years ago by Dompa (29 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
I played on a lot of characters, most of them were shared, going to list the most important ones here:

Elysia: Enslaved Vestar (later named Affex, I got kicked from the char for some ramdom reason)

Mythera: Dantock

Danera: Madam Nataly (reached top 2 on level ranking at some given time)
Posted 2 years ago by Madam Nataly (72 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Thiranius - Keltera
Vahawep - Chimera
Posted 2 years ago by Thiranius (63 Knight of Destiny) Quote
DANUBIA - Pirari, Zenobia Flombinger, Lord Sorek, Tahu, Sazala Pal, Jack Boro, Makrox de'vrie

LUNARA - Vilgefortz

PREMIA - Civril Ravenclaw, Durgan Ravenclaw, Egg Bert,

AUREA - I was playing in FAG guild during the WAR vs ROM
Posted 2 years ago by Nexagon Tribunall (19 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
Old Aurea
Old Nebula
Posted 2 years ago by Fearoon (203 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
Old Azura

Nicks used:
Sir Bass
Lord Shaka (was very noob at this one)

Looking for the old "Magnus" familly (Sandra Magnus, Sagatti magnus, Seborreia Magnus, Paladino magnus, etc...), and friends from Azura!
Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
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