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New game world - Dynasty
We would like to announce a new high rated world called Dynasty coming on 28th of June hosted in France, Europe! This world will have hotkeys.

Dynasty will inherit the following rates similar to Progeny:
- Level 1 to Level 20: 24x
- Level 21 to Level 60: 16x
- Level 61 to Level 120: 8x
- Level 121 to Level 180: 4x
- Level 180+: 2x

- Loot rate: 2x (The lootrate on Progeny is 3x, but we've decided to lower it to 2x for Dynasty)
- Skill Rate: 8x
- Magic Rate: 3x
- Regeneration Rate: 4x

Dynasty is scheduled to launch on 28th of June, 2024 at 20:00 CEST (10 hours after server save):

Store runes charges on Dynasty:

For the first 5 months, rune charges within the Store will be adjusted every week after server launch. Rate of rune charges will begin at 1.4x and will increase by 0.1x every week until 3.0x rate. For your information, the current charge rate on Pendulum and Progeny is 3.0x.

That means for 20 Medivia Coins you will be able to purchase a sudden death rune with:

- 147 charges for the first 7 days after launch (1.4x rate),
- 157 charges after 7 days have passed since the server launch (1.5x rate),
- 168 charges after 14 days have passed since the server launch (1.6x rate),
- 178 charges after 21 days have passed since the server launch (1.7x rate),
- 189 charges after 28 days have passed since the server launch (1.8x rate),
- until 315 charges after 3.0x rate will be reached.
4 weeks 1 day ago
by Eldrin (119 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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