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Medivia update - 6.90
Dear players

The game client has been updated to version 6.90. This update we have focused on few quality-of-life changes, such as new raft system in Sheol and expanding depot of Zarrith. We have also addressed several map and gameplay issues. This update also brings changes to rule violations channel, a new dungeon highscores system, new notifications system and new store outfits.

The full list of changes can be found down below:

Miscellaneous changes:

- Corrected text message sent when using minecarts.
- Increased chance for lift in Sheol to break when going up from 5% to 50%.
- Hammer and chisel now also removes engraved name from an item.
- Fixed an issue that caused stairs in the Tower of Eternal Energy not appear after slaying energy elementals in the tower.
- After defeating Face of Decay blood fields under the portal are now destroyed.
- Balance of Halloween points is now correctly updated in text message displayed when opening a corpse.
- Killing shadow panda now increases panda task kill count.
- Killing furious chimpanzee now increases chimpanzee task kill count.
- It is no longer possible to use desintegrate rune on your own soulbound items on non PvP game worlds.
- It is no longer possible to stop Hellrider's dash attack with wild growths.
- Armor Reduction condition applied by distance weapons no longer is applied when target is a player.
- Sheol map is now displayed when toggling world view map while in Sheol.
- NPC trading window now has green color when Purchase offer is selected and red color when Sell offer is selected.
- Added a notification system to game client, used to inform players about important issues.
- Time until gold pouch expires is now updated correctly after every transaction.
- Gold pouch expiration icon now turns yellow if there is less than 3 days until it expires.
- Gold pouch expiration icon now turns red if there is less than a day until it expires.
- Female Demon Slayer Outfit has been reworked.

Map changes:

- Expanded the protection zone of Zarrith's depot and added a lot more lockers. Both the ground floor and the first floor are part of the depot now.
- Removed a big part of lava on the way to the green djinn tower to avoid lootbags being thrown into them.
- Made the bridge 2 sqm wider on Mauren to avoid players from blocking it.
- Fixed a tile 'Neferkara IIII' that was supposed to be protection zone, but was not.
- Fixed a wall in the 'Holdangraff Guildhall' that was not part of the guildhall.
- Fixed a wall in 'Cirone 13' that was not part of the house.
- Fixed a wall in 'River Plaze 3' that was not part of the house.
- Fixed a wall in 'River Plaze 5' that was not part of the house.
- Fixed a wall in 'The Black Pearl' that was not part of the house and one corner piece was changed from the east to the south.
- Changed a corner piece in 'Stables Avenue 2a (Shop)' from east to south. It is useable now.
- Changed a corner piece in 'Ihuteph I' from south to east.
- Changed 2 walls in 'Castle Street 1' to be hangable.

Store outfits changes:

- Added Pyromancer, Icemancer and Electromancer outfits to the store.
- Unlocking all above mentioned outifts will also unlock Elementalist outfit.
- All store outfits now are automatically unlocked upon purchase and cannot be purchased if outfit is already owned.
- Base outfit and separate addons offers have been merged into a full outfit offer.

Dungeon Highscores:

- Added a highscore system to dungeons.
- Fastest completion time and names of party members will be displayed in the dungeon finder module.

Sheol Raft System:

- Dead Ferryman will take you from multiple locations to Zarrith and few other locations in Sheol.
- Travelling Zarrith and between Zarguth's, Belrekath's, Qyreva's, Velranos' seals will cost 5000 gold coins and these locations are always unlocked.
- Travelling to Zarrith is free of cost.
- Travelling to Ashen Plains, Black Castle, Mystical Library, Scorched Grounds and Acid Swamp locations will cost 1 demonic ticket and these one-way locations are unlocked upon progressing The Demonic Faction.
- Demonic tickets can be obtained by trading various creature products of creatures found in Sheol with Dead Ferryman.

Rule violations channel:

- Rule violations channel has been removed from game client.
- Rule violation window now saves and sends your report directly to staff members.

8 months 3 days ago
by Eldrin (119 Knight of Legacy) Quote
any news about new server this year??
8 months 1 day ago
by Opioiden (11 Knight of Legacy) Quote
In my house in Garrogat there are some walls that I can't paint carpets on, where can I send a ticket about that?
8 months 1 day ago
by High'Pro (385 Imperial Knight of Progeny) Quote
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