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World Rates suggestions
Hey fellas, im creating this topic just so we could discuss about what would be an interesting rates in case a new server is launched
i was thinking of something different, like slower exp rates but higher skill, regenerate and looting.
my suggestios is:
2x exp or staged xp starting from 8x (so the tasks would still feel rewarding and a huge variety of hunts wouldnt be skipped)
5x distance and weapon skills
3x Magic level
2x Regen rate
3x Loot
hotkeys and maybe stackable supplies
i believe those rates would make the player want to explore alternative hunts to complete the tasks at the same time it wouldnt be so grindy to train skills for the account to be "ready to play"
9 months 3 weeks ago
by Lord Zaros (72 High Mage of Eternum) Quote
I understand it's been a while since the last world was released in hard style. the last new worlds were made in the "bayak" style, in which a large part of the game's content is skipped and in one day you reach level 130.
I understand that it would be the ideal time to launch a world with Odyssey rates, and perhaps with hotkeys? perhaps this is a sensitive point and should be discussed by the community, but making a new world in the original style (2x) or in the more hardcore style (1x) could bring many players back to the game.
9 months 1 week ago
by Set Navrec (194 High Mage of Pendulum) Quote
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