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My Experience and Opinion of Medivia
I have played this game for a cpl months now and wanted to leave some feedback as I am now moving away from this game.


- Looks Great
- Customer Controls are Nice
- Customizable UI (be better if able to put hotkey bars on screen)
- Trade skills are interesting
- Dungeons sound nice (not participated)
- Able to find Attributed gear is pretty cool


- An MMO that seems tailored to Solo Play for the first 80 hours or more of gameplay before party hunts seem worthwhile.
- Grindy Kill Tasks that can only be gained in Solo Play and in spawns of needed mobs that are scarce in mob population for what you need.
- Asshole community/ Power Abusers
- No Market ( LOL Fail more)
- Maps are waaaaaaaaay to big. To easy to get lost.
- Level Cap kinda sucks (atleast no skill cap)

In Conclusion... I wont be back.
10 months 9 hours ago
by Idle Hunter (23 High Mage of Destiny) Quote
More to add to cons =
*Eye strain, for whatever reason, is high within this game. Probably because the lightning mechanic's. Same with the website.
*Whenever you go into " a lot " of spawns... you're swarmed by a bunch of noob mob's. Between killing them , and maneuvering in unexplored areas. It gets annoying quick.
The map layout + the low health densely populated mobs + how poor some of the map layouts are, just gives off an instant bad experience.
*For the server being in NA, doesn't seem like a bunch of NA players play.

I am not trying to bash the game, I wish i could make it work. But theres a lot of irritating things that prevent myself, and I'm sure other people, from playing the game.

Why is it that my eyesight feels fuzzy and weird only from viewing this website? Its so weird. This is literally the only website that does that.
8 months 1 week ago
by unknown Quote
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