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Medivia update - 6.00
Dear players

The game has been updated to version 6.00. Please restart your game clients for a mandatory update! This update is focused around the Corrupted Island in Abukir, which received a major overhaul and few hunting zones that are mentioned below.

The following changes were made as of today's server save:

Miscellaneous changes

- Corrected amount of cracked blood orbs and cracked blood orb shards required to craft a blood staff.
- Added purple mushroom to panda's loot table.
- Fixed an issue that prevented displaying an item inspect window when looking at fluid containers, such as vial.
- 'Helping a friend: Aremis/Wulkan' questlines now does not require quest item to participate in fight again after failing.
- Changed spawn position priority of Hellfire called by using Doomcaller.
- Fixed an issue that prevented using staff of the primordial fire through battle list.
- Fixed an issue that enabled attacking players by using 'Primordial Fireball' active effect of the staff of the primordial without player killing mode enabled.
- Changed font of damage dealt by Energy Wave, Ultimate Explosion, Berserk spells and critical melee weapon hit.
- Daily rewards button is now highlighted during login, if daily reward can be redeemed.
- Daily rewards streak will now reset if two instead of one server save will pass since last reward was claimed.
- Added new creatures: wormqueen, festering corpse, plague carrier.
- Reworked parts of underground caves under Abukir.
- Corrupted Island received a major overhaul.
- Tylar now buys some creature products he is interested in.
- Decreased opacity of few environmental shaders.
- 'Challenge' spell now costs 5% of maximum health, if casted without enough mana points.
- Increased movement speed on a dark brown dirt floor found underground under Abukir.

Hunting zones changes

Added the following hunting zones:
- Volifell Village (Corrupted Island),
- [Demons] Diabolic Tower (Corrupted Island),
- [Manticores] Manticore Underground Lair (Corrupted Island),
- [Corrupted Spiders] Spider Isle (Corrupted Island).

Removed the following hunting zone:
- [Corrupted Spiders] Corrupted Island Surface (Corrupted Island)

Graphics changes

- Revamped sandstone city walls.
- Some environment decoration items and grounds have been revamped.
- Revamped ice and sandstone cave walls and added more details to earth and sandstone cave walls.
- Fixed issues related to addons of mage and knight outfits.

Game client changes

- Changed main menu background.
- Changed window size, category box placement and added search bar within NPC trading module.
- Items attached with hotkeys bound to custom keyboard keys (for example: letters, numbers, or the spacebar) should not activate when the game window is not in focus.
- Added special item cooldown icon box to the condition icon box.
- Added 'Display special item cooldown icons' option in Game section within Options module.

Posted 1 month ago by Eldrin (15 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Another great job <3
Posted 1 month ago by Faniel (55 Guardian Druid of Odyssey) Quote
It's a very nice upgrade
Posted 1 month ago by Moregoku (100 Mage of Pendulum) Quote
Posted 1 month ago by Dark Leprechaun (214 Imperial Knight of Pendulum) Quote
Awesome!!! Good job!!!!
Posted 1 month ago by Atron (55 Druid of Legacy) Quote
WHere is the bazaar bru?

i wanto to buy a char to back to play
Posted 1 month ago by Mutuca (65 Mage of Pendulum) Quote
Improve paladin's weapons... how come power bolt is the strongest around. It has 40 ...
Posted 1 week ago by Aren Destiny (135 Royal Archer of Destiny) Quote
Paladins r op... stop complain
Posted 1 week ago by Knodden Rudolf (115 Imperial Knight of Legacy) Quote
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