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Medivia update - 5.90
Dear players

The Christmas Event & Increased rates event has started! For the duration of the whole event, from December 14, 2022 to January 4, 2023) the following rates will be increased by 10% for all worlds:
* Experience rate
* Skill gain rate
* Magic level gain rate
* Skin rate
* Spawn rate

The game client was updated to version 5.90. The following changes were made as of today's server save:

Miscellaneous changes
- Christmas Event 2022 is now active. See the News section on Forum to learn more.
- Time limited Christmas offer is now available in the Store.
- Added 'Shadow Phoenix' task, that unlocks after completing 'Phoenix' task.
- Added 'Hunter of Phoenixes' quest.
- Corrected price of Minerva's service when using keywords instead of module.
- Pure fire essence can now be obtained multiple times per day. The shrine stone under the Foreign Lands now restores after five minutes.
- Precise attribute of Venom Crossbow now works properly.
- Orb attacks of all phoenixes now mainly targets the main target.
- Phoenixes now temporarily stop moving after casting wave attack.
- Added the second entrance to 'Seacoast Avenue 4b' house in Garrogat.
- Added 'Abandonded Hideout' house in Thoris.
- Revamped frost troll area west of Thoris.
- Added a new stone rotworm hunting zone near Thoris.
- Added new monsters: Frostmaiden, Ice Phoenix and Frost Apprentice.
- Added a new hunting zone on Snowy Hills south of Thoris.
- Moved gryphon transporter on Snowy Hills to the north-east of previous location.
- Added a new item property to a plague mask.

Sheol Hunting zone & Seals changes

- Health of Demonic Faction seal bosses now scales with amount of people participating in the fight. This will only work when player count is higher than 6 (or 8, for Rashed & Baalerun boss fight).

Prison Seal:
- Health of bloodworms spawned by Kruzgog now scales with amount of players in arena.
- Decreased chance to spawn bloodworm from 15% per player to 8% per player.
- Added new property to grappling hook, and changed its item description.
- Kruzgog can no longer torture its main target.
- Increased chance of Kruzgog summoning a dark torturer from 25% every 3 seconds to 100% every 8 seconds.

Temple of Ma'ad:
- Removed protection zone from Temple of Ma'ad in Sheol.
- Charge attack of Mictlantecuhtli is not longer announced to all players in arena.
- Replaced pillars in Mictlantecuhtli arena with pillars that do not block projectiles.
- Mictlantecuhtli now has a new rare special heavy-damaging attack.
- Mictlantecuhtli storm attack that targets random tiles on arena now applies a heavy damaging Electrified debuff.
- Clones of Mictlan and Tecuhtli can no longer hit each other.

Rashed's Seal:
- Decreased maximum jump range of chain attack from 3 to 2 meters.
- Greatly increased Rashed's holy storm attack damage by about 38%.
- Reduced range of Rashed's holy storm attack from 10 to 6 meters.
- Health of Divine Spears now scales with amount of players in the arena.
- Added a cooldown to Rashed's center pull ability.
- Second set of AoE attack of Rashed's center pull ability now deals significantly more damage.
- Lowered delay between unroot and first set of AoE attacks of Rashed's center pull ability.
- Lowered delay between first and second set of AoE attacks of Rashed's center pull ability.

Blood Seal:
- Derangers and blood witches within the blood seal were replaced with observers and servants of Norae.
- Changed item properties of Norae's ritual dress.
- Norae's ritual dress can now be enchanted using painite crystals.
- Increased Blood Priestess' chance to summon, maximum amount of summons and types of summons.
- Increased amount of damage dealt by all attacks of Blood Priestess by about 30%.

Library Seal:
- Opening the portal leading to Mazzgaron for the second and consecutive time now only requires killing only one water essence.

Pits of Hell hunting zone:
- Slightly modified monster layout by changing locations of few flamebringers and cerberuses.

Typhon Swamp hunting zone:
- Modified monster layout on Typhon Swamp hunting zone by replacing some typhons with gorgons or various types of demorcs.
- Decreased spawn time of all monsters.
- Due to this change, average experience gained per hour should increase by about 7%.

Demorc hunting zone:
- Decreased amount of experience yielded by demorc (6400 -> 5760, -10%), demorc brute (12000 -> 10800, -10%) and demorc warchief (22000 -> 20240, -8%).

House auction & rent changes:
- In order to place a house bid, you must prove your balance in the game bank system.
- Auction bid money and rent money is now also taken from game bank system.
- Bank has priority over depot, so money will be taken from bank first. Depot will be checked only if there is not enough money on bank account.

Graphical changes:
- Applied changes to male outfits of Citizen, Cultist, Duke, Knight, Mage, Sentinel, Sorcerer, Vampire, Warrior, Battle mage outfits.
- Red void floor and red mana river floor now emits faint red glow.
- Rlue void floor and blue mana river floor now emits faint blue glow.
- Reworked fire area and fire explosion magic effect.
- Added idle animation to flamebringer.
- Changed appeareance of invisible player. Player's outfit with applied invisible shader is now displayed instead of sparkles effect.

Have fun and please restart your game clients for a mandatory game client update.

1 year 6 months ago
by Eldrin (119 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Could u tell us-are there any plans for new server? No one is answering about it from long time.
1 year 6 months ago
by Vaexistence (87 Archer of Progeny) Quote
Hello dear admin,

Will there be a discount in the store, during or around Christmas?
1 year 6 months ago
by Bondzerah (143 Archer of Pendulum) Quote
VaexistenceCould u tell us-are there any plans for new server? No one is answering about it from long time.

Currently we don't have plans for new server, but for sure new one will be launched in 2023.

BondzerahHello dear admin,

Will there be a discount in the store, during or around Christmas?

Sorry, but we won't have any discounts during Christmas.
1 year 6 months ago
by unknown Quote
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