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Medivia update - 5.80
Dear players

The game client was updated to version 5.80. The following changes were made as of today's server save:

- Fixed 'Fed' condition icon's behavior when items providing health or mana regeneration are equipped.
- Firing an arrow enhanced by special effect of bow of primordial fire no longer applies exhaust condition.
- Minerva now charges 3 orbs instead of 1 orb for her services.
- Stuffed bag of halloween coins can now be used to gain halloween points.
- Fixed an issue that prevented magical wand to transform into few types of undead creatures.
- Fixed an issue that caused some of the conditions not work properly after relogging.
- Fetish wand can now be used to shoot small explosive runes.
- Slightly increased amount of rune charges of store runes on Progeny (from 1.8x rate to 2.0x rate, see Progeny News thread for more information).
- Time limited Halloween offer is no longer purchasable from the Store until the next Halloween.
- Properties of Huntsman Armor now work properly.
- Cooldown of on-use attributes such as Energy Swing is now shown within item tooltip.
- Energy of unused rings with energy and magic lightwands is now shown in item tooltip.
- Enraged Shadow Phoenix is now immune to death damage and their wing attack now deals proper amount of damage.
- Corrected time of duration of Root status applied by ents.
- Bloody steps purchasable with Halloween coins can now be rotated.
- Fixed an issue that caused manafluid vial to be consumed without restoring mana when trying to use it on cooldown.
- Added 'Wolf Hills' hunting zone south of Thoris.
- Corrected item attributes and properties of Ward of Oblivion.
- Added new property to mirror shield.
- Positions of spell teachers in Luana are now shown in spellbook module.
- Updated sprites of energy elemental, giant energy elemental, giant fire elemental.
- Fixed buttons placement of full screen minimap when using a transparent game window view mode.

The following NPCs are now also magic goods merchants:
- Cherf,
- Dwell,
- Ethrihil,
- Etzel,
- Frankie,
- Galila,
- Hylsa,
- Leila,
- Meshib,
- Morunan,
- Urgrim,
- Xavion,
- Zuleika,
- Torben,
- Alexei.

Have fun and please restart your game clients for a mandatory game client update.

1 year 4 months ago
by Eldrin (119 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Guys, whats going on with servers?
1 year 4 months ago
by Dankiver (44 Archer of Pendulum) Quote
any plans about new server in december as always? People really waiting.
1 year 4 months ago
by Vaexistence (87 Archer of Progeny) Quote
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