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Medivia update - 5.60
Dear players

The following changes were made as of today's server save:

Halloween Event:
- Halloween Event is now active. Event will until the 18th of November.
- NPC Grim has appeared on the Land of the Dead near Thoris and on Novus, that trades Halloween coins for Halloween themed items.
- Halloween points are now acquired after looting a corpse of a hostile creature.
- Halloween points can be exchanged with Grim for Halloween coins.
- Updated Grim's offer.
- Several creatures have now a changed appearance.

Bank System & Gold Pouch:
- Added a bank system. It is now possible to deposit or withdraw money from your bank account with help of banker NPCs.
- Bankers now react to 'deposit', 'withdraw' and 'balance' keywords.
- Added a gold pouch, that is purchasable from the Store for 50 Medivia coins. Gold pouch is bound to a character and is not a physical item.
- Gold pouch expires after 30 days and needs to be renewed monthly for 10 Medivia coins.
- Using a gold, platinum or crystal coin with an active gold pouch will automatically add the money to your bank account.
- Gold pouch lets you deposit or withdraw money from your bank account anywhere in the game.

Advanced tooltips:
- Added a tooltip that appears when inspecting an item or a creature.
- Inspecting item displays all the items' information, including properties, attributes, effect, and other useful information.
- Inspecting a creature displays creatures' current and total health, as well as task info (if task is active, as well as task info of party members).
- Players' health and mana is only visible to party members.
- Inspect info is no longer displayed on the middle of the screen, but still is displayed on the server log channel.

Condition icons:
- Player statuses are now displayed as icons in the top part of the game client screen.
- Condition box can be hidden by unchecking a box in the game client options.
- Icons contain information about status name, description and duration.
- Icons are divided on two categories: buffs and debuffs.

Miscellaneous changes:
- Speaking with Beggar Barkley is no longer required to pick up the ancient grimoire and start the Grim Faction.
- Fixed a weather system related issue, that caused weather effects to appear inside buildings.
- Corrected amount of might rings required to trade for a ring backpack with Hassan, when using a crafting module.
- It is no longer possible to use a fishing bait when standing within a protected zone.
- Stones blocking an exit within Moerius arena are no longer restored 20 minutes after the killing a boss, but instead, they are restored at boss respawn.
- Added dialogues about the tales of golden, silver and copper ancient symbols to NPC Garnor.
- Water ring effect is now displayed when roe is added to an aquarium.
- Added 'Dwarf Cook' outfit to the Store.
- It is no longer possible to turn into a chimpanzee and Merga using a 'Creature Illusion' spell.
- Added "Demon Slayer Attire" quest.
- Added "Right Hand's Armor" quest.
- Several new items are now obtainable from Mystery Box.

Item changes:
- Fire damage of blazing greatsword and flaming whip is no longer reduced by target's armor and defense.
- Runes and manafluids bought in containers through an NPC trading module now come in colored backpacks.
- Removed weight of a chilled backpack with Lightning attribute.
- Increased weight of enhanced doomcaller by weight of a blazing core, to prevent core from dropping on ground when disenchanting the weapon.
- Blazing core now emits light.
- Fixed an issue that caused snow boots, explorer boots and pharaoh ring to not increase speed on snow, mud or sand with footsteps.
- Changed color of light emited by blessed amulet and amulet of the elements.
- Carnage and blood staff hilt is now enchantable.

Rune pouch:
- Added a rune pouch and great rune pouch to the game.
- Rune pouch can be purchased from the Store and great rune pouch can be crafted with help of Grazlin.
- Shooting small explosive runes will use the runes placed within a rune pouch.
- Small explosive runes are no longer used from within a quiver.
- Grazlin now exchanges golden quiver for a rune pouch.
Note: Precise (2) attribute of golden quiver will be replaced with Intelligence (1) attribute upon exchange.

Creature changes:
- Added living thunder to warlock's loot table.
- Royalist, drake and drake lord, frost drake, sabertooth, cave troll, red wyvern no longer run on low health.
- Reduced slave hunter's attack range.
- Slave hunter and slave guard can no longer paralyze.
- Reduced Shakirian prayer's mana drain attack power.
- Increased average loot value of Shakirian prayer.
- Reduced movement speed of huntsman spider.
- Decreased damage dealt by fetish warrior and fetish bloodweaver.
- Changed size of fire field created by ember beetle from large to small.
- Increased drop chance of giant skeleton bone dropped by giant skeleton.
- Changed damage type of one of the attacks of Moerius, to prevent it from dealing damage to its minions.
- All demorcs are now slightly more resistant to energy damage and slightly less resistant to fire damage.
- Decreased health of ant workers.
- Increased experience yielded by crocodiles.
- Commodores are no longer immune to fire type damage.
- Increased movement speed of sphinx and blood sphinx.
- Quicksand no longer decreases movement speed of blood sphinx, sphinx, forgotten pharaoh, sandskull spider, sand spider and sandbeast.
- Parasite is now immune to lifedrain damage.
- Changed magic effect of parasite's wave attack.
- Increased average loot value of parasite and blood priestess.
- Increased average damage per turn of derangers and observers.
- Greatly increased damage of Norae's indicated AoE attack during the second stage.
- Summons spawned by Norae now drop loot.
- Decreased maximum amount of summons of Eye of Mortem from 6 to 3.
- Moved destination of portal spawned after killing Mortem closer to the seal entrance.
- Decreased amount of experience yielded by holy sentinels, shadow guards and ritualists.
- Corpse of shadow phoenix now yields a shadow phoenix feather when skinned.

Mictlantecuhtli's charge attack:
- Corrected indicator size.
- Decreased size of final attack.
- Final attack is now casted on all indicated tiles simultaneously, instead of delayed waves.
- Decreased damage of final attack.
- Fixed an issue that did not deal damage on middle tile of an attack.

It is now possible to turn into the following monsters using a 'Creature Illusion' spell:
- phoenix, shadow phoenix,
- wight,
- bedsore,
- screamer,
- albino dragon,
- giant cobra,
- banshee,
- entling,
- sabertooth,
- unicorn,
- panda,
- caiman,
- crocodile,
- fire ant, fire ant worker,
- ant, ant worker,
- burning champion,
- swamp leech,
- fetish warrior, fetish bloodweaver, fetish shaman,
- blue fungling.

Hunting zone changes:
- Added another Azure Mercenary hunting zone south-east of Thoris.
- Added a White Light Chapel south-east of Thoris.
- Reworked ogre hunting zone in the undergrounds of Foreign Lands.
- Decreased Corrupted Warden's spawn time from 60 minutes to 15 minutes.
- Removed waterblobs on both Frost Drake Lairs on Forgula.
- Connected two Crystalbeast Islands north-east of Forgula.
- Removed few trees on southern part of the ogres hunting zone on the Foreign Lands.
- Normalized and decreased spawn time of snow ravagers on Snow Ravager Lair on Forgula.
- Replaced most of cyclop warriors with normal cyclops on hunting zones near Arak and Thoris.
- Added more cyclops on the first two floors of the City of Giants.
- Replaced some cyclops with cyclop warriors on third and fourth floor of the City of Giants.
- Extended Dreadlord's Cave hunting zone. Increased spawn time of all monsters and added more various creatures on hunting zone.
- Reworked White Light Church hunting zone. Increased spawn time of all monsters.
- Decreased spawn time of creatures in the northern part of Black Realm.

Modified the following hunting zone layouts to make them more player-friendly to hunt:
- Tar Priests in Abukir,
- Azure Mercenary Castle,
- Ogres on the Foreign Lands,
- Frozen Pirate Port on Forgula,
- Snow Ravager Lair on Forgula,
- Gorgon Island on Sheol,
- Wight part of White Rose Tomb.

White Rose Tomb changes:
- Moved the entrance to wight hunting zone in the White Rose Tomb.
- Added one wight and decreased spawn time of wights in White Rose Tomb.
- Heavily modified abomination hunting zone.
- Changed abomination's poison spit attack's minimum range to 2.
- Abominations can now cast a heavy hitting melee range only poison attack.
- Added another, smaller abomination hunting zone.

Forgula Shortcuts
Introduced three shortcuts on Forgula:
- Added NPC Minerva located in Icenhaal.
- Added 'Supplying the Witch' quest.
- Added NPC Raftsman Roger located near the boat in Icenhaal, that offers his service to members of the Order of the Holy Rose.
- Added a shortcut located within the west part of Forgula wall, that is unlocked after completing the Lightbringer Faction.

Client changes:
- Tasks in Task Menu are now sorted alphabetically.
- Offer in NPC trading and crafting modules is now sorted alphabetically.
- Remaining amount of premium days left within character list now updates every time character list is shown.
- Added possibility to search certain quest by keyword in Quest Log.
- Hotkeys bound to certain letters shouldn't execute when player is using those letters while writing in other windows. (works only if hotkey have "Send Automatically" checked)

Sprite changes:
- Reworked male player outfits.
- Reworked dwarf & elf outfits.

NPC offer changes:
- Armor merchants now buy noble armors.
- Boots merchants now buy tortoise boots.
- Distance weapon merchants now buy hunting bows and elven bows.
- Shields merchants now buy black shields and ancient shields.
- Furniture merchants now sell pile of gold packages, treasure chests and golden amphoras.
- Ziyad now buys blood mace and annihilation bear.
- Haroun now buys hat of the mad and star amulet.
- Kiran now buys pieces of the helmet of the fallen king after completing 'Lord Azeran' quest.
- Jotunn now buys dwarven helmets.
- Tuggot now buys magic cloaks.
- Updated Ellara's crafting offer.
- Updated Grazlin's crafting offer.

Helmet merchants now buy the following items:
- drake scale helmet,
- strange helmet,
- devil helmet.

Sword weapon merchants now buy the following items:
- silver dagger,
- heavy machete,
- spike sword,
- serpent sword,
- ice rapier,
- steel sword.

Axe weapon merchants now buy the following items:
- curved axe,
- shakirian waraxe,
- obsidian lance,
- golden sickle,
- steel axe.

Club weapon merchants now buy the following items:
- war hammer,
- iron hammer,
- shakirian mace,
- steel mace,
- staff.

Jewellery merchants now buy the following items:
- aquamarine,
- scarab coin,
- elven brooch,
- golden mug,
- emerald bangle,
- silver brooch,
- ruby necklace,
- ancient amulet,
- scarab amulet,
- silver amulet,
- crystal necklace,
- wedding ring,
- crystal ring.

Tailors now buy the following items:
- spider silk,
- royal dress,
- mystic turban,
- black tapestry,
- red robe,
- blue hood,
- simple dress,
- rainbow tapestry,
- nether spider doll,
- wolf tooth chain,
- doll.

Magic items merchants now buy the following items:
- conjure wand,
- orb,
- magic lightwand,
- strange symbol,
- spellbook,
- illumination ring,
- mysterious fetish.

Wulkan now buys the following items:
- corrupted staff,
- hydra scale legs,
- albino scale mail,
- Sulphira's scale mail,
- venom wand,
- venom greatsword,
- venom greathammer,
- venom greataxe.

Draculd now buys the following items:
- necromantic bloodrobe,
- corrupted staff,
- pendant of the gods,
- snow ravager amulet,
- shield of honour,
- potion of power,
- undead dragon trophy.

Aremis now buys the following items:
- assassin hood,
- assassin tunic,
- assassin legs,
- venom crossbow.

Drolgruth now buys the following items:
- violet magic orb,
- blazing core,
- necromantic bloodkilt,
- vampiric sword,
- vampiric mace,
- vampiric axe,
- vampiric bow.

Glechoma now buys the following items:
- red tome,
- purple tome,
- dwarven tome,
- elf tome,
- human tome,
- minotaur tome,
- orichs tome.

Albert the Tanner now buys trophies of the following creatures:
- deer, wolf, bear, orc, lion, minotaur, fire devil,
- giant spider, nether spider, titan, frost dragon,
- dragon, dragon lord, camel, banshee, swamp demon,
- chimpanzee, jaguar, cougar, panther, ent.

After completing 'In service of Omar' quest, Omar will now buy recipes of the following meals:
- exquisite lionfish meal and feast,
- spicy maris feast,
- bitter maris feast,
- sweet maris feast,
- cheesy maris feast,
- baked maris feast,
- exquisite perch meal and feast,
- exquisite bluegill meal and feast,
- batfish meal, exquisite batfish meal and feast,
- exquisite sweet puffer meal and feast,
- baked lionfish,
- barbel feast and exquisite barbel feast.

Posted 1 month ago by Eldrin (15 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Will the house deposit be from the bank now or the depot still? :/
Posted 1 month ago by Elite Dragon Felix (172 Royal Archer of Destiny) Quote
Gold pouch is the cringesty shit ever
Posted 1 month ago by Fire Giant (187 High Mage of Progeny) Quote
- Decreased charges of ethereal spear from 1500 to 220 :(
Posted 1 month ago by Dura Deluxo (225 Imperial Knight of Legacy) Quote
these outfits are horrible, come back with the previous ones pls
Posted 1 month ago by Intact Druid (300 Guardian Druid of Pendulum) Quote
new server guys, no one care about changes in fucking sms shop!!!!!
Posted 1 month ago by Vaexistence (76 Archer of Purity) Quote
Posted 1 month ago by Handofsaitama (222 Imperial Knight of Progeny) Quote
Really ethereal spear nerf from 1500 uses to 220? While training now I have to look at client every short while. Other professions can stay afk for 30 minutes without activity while training/runemaking.
Posted 1 month ago by Medieval Archer (87 Royal Archer of Odyssey) Quote
This ethereal spear change destroyed my sense of playing medivia, because i was training all day while working... Now i have to create new spear every small while
Posted 1 month ago by Medieval Archer (87 Royal Archer of Odyssey) Quote
Lol, medivia is everyday becoming more like tibia. Full P2W.

This update completely sucks
Posted 1 month ago by Wey Beatz (8 Archer of Legacy) Quote
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