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Medivia update - 5.50
Dear players

The following changes were made as of today's server save:

Miscellaneous changes
- Changed indicator of environment falling stones from red coloured square to shadow.
- Applied changes to the book 'Jadir Exploits II'.
- Fixed the bamboo fences in Luana that were blocking unnecessary tiles within the guildhall Seawatch and the house Riverside 4.
- It is now possible to change dirt flooring in Luana houses with custom flooring.
- Seagulls and crows no longer leave a blood pool after flying away.
- Decreased amount of flamingos that can spawn in a raid.
- Positions of ladders within Riverside 4 in Luana were changed.
- Revamped look of hydra hunting zones in Abukir.
- Premium account status is no longer required to learn the great fireball rune spell from Eguleus in Eschen.
- Casting a light spell now overrides an active light spell.
- Added a message explaining the objective and informing about the time limit when entering a dungeon in Luana.
- Azzodon can now merge jade and ruby necklaces into a twin tear amulet.
- Azzodon can now upgrade virulent set pieces using hellstone.
- Brifire now offers additional services to those who have finished the 'Jungle Sickness' quest.
- Increased limit of gold, wolframite, carnotite and heliodor ore nodes that can spawn on the map by about 20%.
- Removed asynchronous textures loading and improved synchronous loading instead.
- Delayed diagonal movement animations instead of being frozen on a tile.
- Added 'Small Explosive Rune' spell learnable by mages and druids.
- Lowered the trees in the thicker Luana jungle by 1 floor so Ents do not clip inside them.
- Creatures within a dungeon below Luana now drop loot.
- Increased Typhon's average loot value by about 13%.
- Increased amount of experience yielded by the seal version of Typhon.
- Corrected the whole loot table of alligators.
- Moerius now drops loot.
- Cultist brute now cast two additional attacks.
- Cultist Hexer's totems now heal or buff friend creatures properly.
- The tutorial arrow is no longer displayed on login to players with character level higher than 30.
- 'Light Rock' without a blue aura is now destroyable using a pick.
Note: This item will be teleported back to its original place upon breaking.

Item changes
Modified properties and attributes of the following items:

Umbral legs:
- resistance physical property: 0% to 3%
- resistance death property: 2% to 3%
- resistance curse property: 2% to 3%
- melee fighting skill increase property: 2 to 3

Umbral boots:
- resistance death property: 1% to 2%
- resistance curse property: 1% to 2%
- speed boost property: 40 to 45
- armor property: 1 to 3
- now destroy chaos fields on step

Dreadweave robe:
- resistance fire property: 3% to 4%
- Presence of Mind attribute: 1 to 2

Emberwake ring:
- now provides mana regeneration: 1 mana per 1 second
- now provides health regeneration: 5 health per 1 second

Jadeite boots:
- now destroy special poison fields in Mictlantecuhtli boss arena on step
- now destroy chaos fields on step
- new attribute (Venom Absorb): 0% to 3%

Ward of Sheol:
- magic level property: from 1 to 3

Apocalypse & Calamity & Armageddon:
- added property resistance to all types of damage: 0% to 1%
- fast striker property: 6% to 9%

Hunting zone and seal changes
We have gathered your feedback and according to it, made changes to the following hunting zones and faction seals in Sheol:

Ashlord Volcano hunting zone in Sheol:
- Increased movement speed of ashlords.
- Ashlords now can cast a haste ability.
- Changed Ashlord Volcano hunting zone monster layout.
- Increased spawn time of monsters on Ashlord Volcano hunting zone.

Rashed & Baalerun Seal:
- Added a new entrance for players who have defeated Baalerun, that does not require clearing all previous seals in one day.
- Greatly increased average loot value of Rashed.
- Added more monsters on the way from Eschen to Black Castle.
- Baalerun now drops loot.
- Monsters in that seal now yield experience and loot.
- Increased spawn time of monsters spawning within this zone.

Poison Seal:
- Increased average loot value of Plagoran.
- Changed monster placement to make the seal more team-hunt friendly.
- Closed a few rooms within the seal with fences that can be temporarily opened using levers.
- Lever opening one of the bars no longer spawns gorgons upon use.
- Coffin sequence levers now spawn from 4 to 5 gorgons upon fail.
- Increased movement speed of plague worms.
- Fixed Plagoran's poison gas attack. Decreased amount of damage dealt by poison gas attack.

Ma'ad Temple Seal:
- Increased average loot value of Mictlantehuctli.
- Mictlantehuctli's charge attack now has decreased radius and increased damage.
- Increased chance of Mictlantehuctli's field attack.
- Changed monster placement to make the zone more player friendly to clear.

Black Lake Seal:
- Increased average loot value of Mortem.
- Changed monster placement to make the zone more player and team-hunt friendly.
- Players who have killed the seal's boss can freely pass through the wall of fire behind the codex area.
- Electric walls no longer reappear once removed.
- Mortem's Curse attack now triggers only if there are more than 5 remaining players in the arena.

Blood Seal:
- Increased average loot value of Norae.
- Increased average loot value of creatures unique to this zone: bloody crawler, observer, servant of Norae.
- Changed monster placement to make the zone more team-hunt friendly.

Library Seal:
- Increased health of Mazzgaron.
- Increased average loot value of Mazzgaron.
- Mons, Tempestas and Ignis now drop loot.
- Changed monster placement to make the zone more team-hunt friendly.
- Black magic walls are no longer restored after killing Mazzgaron.
- Portal leading to Mons, Tempestas and Ignis is no longer removed after killing Mazzgaron.
- Puzzle that opens the portal leading to Mons, Tempestas and Ignis no longer resets after killing Mazzgaron.
- Corrupted Armor now spawns more often. Decreased health of Corrupted Armor.
- Lowered delay between attack indicator and attack cast of bookcases from 12 seconds to 5 seconds.

Prison Seal:
- Increased average loot value of Kruzgog.
- Changed monster placement to make the zone more team-hunt friendly.
- After pulling a lever near the energy generator, a fire maze room becomes opened till the next server save.

Quests and task changes
- Locations of most task creatures are now shown within the task module.
- Added a new category to Quest Log called: 'Repeatable Quests', which will contain quests and missions repeatable every day, week or month.
- 'Hungry Elephant' quest is now a daily quest, that can be repeated every day by only one character per account on the game world.
- Ritual bones mission of Lightbringer Faction can now be only progressed when all three bones have been picked up.

Introduced daily activities
We want to slowly implement daily activities for players of Medivia, therefore, we are slowly starting to think about the daily missions.
'Hungry Elephant' quest has became a daily account quest that is repeatable every day by only one of your characters from your account.

We chose this mission to turn it into a daily activity because it is the most neutral difficulty level for low-experienced players.
This mission's rewards will be sent directly to the player depot in Luana upon fully completing the daily quest.

So far, this is just the beginning of the daily activities we plan. We will observe the interest and add new missions gradually.
The progress of daily quests and missions will reset after a server save, so make sure to complete it and receive reward before server save.
Otherwise, your progress will reset and unclaimed reward will be lost.

Regarding Alpha Wolves
Lately, we have received multiple messages containing feedback regarding issues encountered while progressing alpha wolf task on new game worlds or game worlds with higher player count. To address these issues, we have made the following changes:

- Alpha wolves no longer spawn naturally on the map.
- Players can be ambushed by an alpha wolf when they invade their territory (previous spawn places).
- Every player can only be ambushed once per 1 hour per alpha wolf spawn zone.
- Only one player per alpha wolf spawn zone can be ambushed at a time.
- When the spawned alpha wolf is killed, a player who spawned it will receive a task kill (if the task is active).
- Alpha wolf will automatically despawn after 5 minutes, when the distance between player and wolf is greater than 50 tiles or when a player changes floors.

Posted 3 months ago by Eldrin (15 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Terrible update for the most part. Enjoy the new wave of botters thats going to flood everywhere to make the small explosions and GFBs.
Posted 3 months ago by Enkidu (118 Guardian Druid of Pendulum) Quote
Instead of whining help improve it by reporting and recording them!

Instead of coming of as an ass. I want to add that the team is incredible good at analyzing and take action when you send them proof and that is something to value very highly so if you truly believe or know there is an issue not much is required to take action and improve it by a lot for all of us <3

Posted 3 months ago by Long search (216 Imperial Knight of Purity) Quote
legit 10/10 update
Posted 3 months ago by Fire Giant (187 High Mage of Progeny) Quote
wtf is this walking diagonally looks terrible
Posted 3 months ago by Iam Phoenix (375 High Mage of Progeny) Quote
Why walking on diagonal are so slow now? O.o
Posted 3 months ago by Mallenia (154 Guardian Druid of Pendulum) Quote
its same speed just different animation
Posted 3 months ago by Fire Giant (187 High Mage of Progeny) Quote
The only thing I don't agree with is the production mana cost of the explosive runes should be much higher since we rp create burst arrow to sell in the game and thus be able to buy itean runes etc. we do it with mana potion small already that producing 1 bp of burst arrow would cost 100k and it would be sold to the players for 130k that would leave us a good incentive to continue its production in mace, now with this update a ms will be able to create 1bp with 100k it would take away the production business from the rp this would be the problem now I present the solution to increase the production mana cost of explosive runes only in the magicians so that the rp have that production window
Posted 3 months ago by White Knight (186 Imperial Knight of Purity) Quote
Or cuz of new small explosion spell, add now possibility to effective power bolts creation for archers. Currently they're useless.
Posted 3 months ago by Quantum Arrow (274 Archer of Pendulum) Quote
I understand your complain, BUT, there is no burst arrows to buy in trade! The demand is greater then offers.
Posted 3 months ago by Mallenia (154 Guardian Druid of Pendulum) Quote
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