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Return of Isingoma
Dear players

Isingoma shall arise from sand for the fifth time to wreak havoc and bring terror to the citizens of Najira!
This year, the event will work completely different. It will no longer be controlled by developers, but instead, reworked into an instanced boss fight.
The event will start on 28th of September and will last for two weeks.

Pharaoh Anhamtap
Pharaoh Anhamtap
People of Najira! Citizens of Yehsha and Osaris! Heroes of Medivia!

We have learned why our animals were trembling in fear for the past few days...
And why waters around Najira were so rough lately.

Priests have sensed sinister energy buried deep in the sand.
As time flies, it grows bigger and bigger.
But what possesses such a tremendous and evil power?

I had an audience with Rashed.
God announced that this energy can belong to only one being.
To blinded by revenge grandson of Rashed, Isingoma.

Isingoma was a Pharaoh, that turned Yehsha which back then resembled a small collection of houses
into a great, prosperous city with walls of unbelievable heights. He was adored by every habitant of the desert.
Everyone but High Priest. Decades after Pharaoh's disappearance, his body was spotted in the river, with the priest's knife entombed in his back.
But before that, a giant dervish with the face of Isingoma appeared. Looking for revenge, he started killing everyone who happened to be in his sight.

He returns once again. The battle is inevitable.
We can not stop his resurrection, we have no time nor plan to do it.

Heroes, we seek your help!
Those, who will return such evil to the maws of sand shall receive a reward.
Rashed blesses this act. Have no fear.

- Pharaoh Anhamtap

Isingoma shall be fought as a small party of 4 players. The entrance to the boss fight will be located in far north of Yehsha (X: 33208, Y: 32809, Z: 7). The entrance will open on the 28th of September and will remain open for two weeks, until server save on 12th of October.

The strength of the boss will be scaled with the average party level. A level of 100 or higher will be required to participate in the boss fight and the party must consist of players of a similar character level. Level of the lowest leveled member of the party cannot be lower than two-thirds of the level of the highest leveled member or party.

There will be no death penalty in the Isingoma arena, and if one of the party members dies, the fight will end. All supplies (such as runes, amulet charges, ammunition, etc.) will be spent within the arena. The reward for defeating Isingoma will depend on strength of a boss and will be redeemable only once.

Posted 3 months ago by Eldrin (15 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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