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Medivia update - 5.40
Dear players

A long-awaited Jungle update, that we have been working on for the past few months has arrived!
Today's update has introduced a lot of new content, including a new continent of Khea and a city of Luana.
The update features a questline that ends with a first-in-game dungeon, many new creatures and items, quests, tasks and many more!
Luana is accessible by every player with a premium account status and is reachable through the services of boat captains in cities.

Today's patch has also introduced the following changes::
- Enabled item auto-stacking on all game worlds (previously enabled only on Progeny).
- Updated game client UI color theme.
- Added adventurer's tools to the Store.
- Changed login and logout magic effect.
- Slightly increased amount of rune charges of store runes on Progeny (from 1.4x rate to 1.6x rate, see Progeny News thread for more information).
- Many minor map bug fixes.
- Reworked several sprites, such as jungle trees and moss on walls.

Please restart your game clients for a mandatory update!

Posted 3 months ago by Eldrin (15 Knight of Legacy) Quote
After update i cant play, because "Sorry, your client is outdated. Restart it for an update"
Posted 3 months ago by Peci (78 Archer of Progeny) Quote
I cant play "sorry, you cilent is outdated"
Posted 3 months ago by Kurdo (41 Guardian Druid of Legacy) Quote
I have the same error to start the game.
Posted 3 months ago by Jon Is Back (182 Archer of Progeny) Quote
First of all I would like to congratulate the entire medivia team for this great update, and I would also like to say that the server is getting better and more fun. thank you so much medivia for all these hours and more hours of fun. ;)
Posted 3 months ago by Dark Leprechaun (201 Imperial Knight of Pendulum) Quote
Very nice update indeed, great job!
Posted 3 months ago by Elbilisten (114 Royal Archer of Progeny) Quote
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