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11th anniversary of Medivia
Dear players

We are happy to inform you about a special anniversary we will be celebrating soon. On July 29th, we will be celebrating 11 years of Medivia being online (to be more specific - the Legacy game world) without any interruptions or resets of characters. Each year the game changes and evolves thanks to your feedback, proposals, and your support.

To thank you, we have prepared a special anniversary event. It will start on July 29th and will last until the 28th of August.
Confectioner Lorraine will remain in the castle of Eschen for an additional week after the event ends.

Posted 2 months ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Same rewards as last year and same buffs?
Posted 2 months ago by Anarcho Capitalist (202 Imperial Knight of Progeny) Quote
I'm new to this game. Started Tibia in 2003 and just heard about this game.
Posted 2 months ago by Troubled Assassin (8 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Thanks Medivia !!!! I Love this event
Posted 1 month ago by Dark Leprechaun (189 Imperial Knight of Pendulum) Quote
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