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Medivia update - 5.10
Dear players

The following changes were made for today's server save:

Client changes:
- It is now possible to create an account and character through the game client.
- Reworked UI of the main game menu, character list, compendium and options modules.
- It is now possible to choose four languages of the game client: English, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.
Please note, that this is a work in progress (translations) and it is currently only within the game client.
- Added option to swap CTRL key behaviour when moving stackable items.
- Color of the magic level progress bar within the Skills window was changed from red to green.
- Skill progress within the Skills window is now displayed as a floating-point number.
- Crafting module no longer counts equipped items.

New characters & tutorial:
- Added a tutorial area teaching basics about movement and controls.
- Added a new tutorial questline that starts within the temple of Eschen (NPC: Asia).
- Newly-made characters start with a chosen vocation in Eschen or Novus.
- Newly-made characters now start with higher fighting skills.

Spell & vocation changes:
- Berserk spell's damage now also scales with equipped melee weapon skill.
- Berserk's minimum mana cost is now 100 and the maximum mana cost is 600.
- Added Decimate spell learnable by Knights.
- Minimum damage of one-handed melee weapons now increases by one point every 4 levels.
- Minimum damage of two-handed melee weapons now increases by one point every 2 levels.
- Removed magic level requirement of 'Great Light' spell.
- Decreased 'Great Light' spell price to 200 gold coins.
- Decreased mana cost of 'Great Light' spell to 35 mana.
- Increased minimum damage and decreased maximum damage dealt using explosion runes. The average damage has not changed.
- Camouflage spell now prioritizes any knight in the affected monster's range.
- Increased 'Magic Shield' spell duration to 20 minutes.
- Casting 'Magic Shield', while the spell is already active, will toggle the magic shield off.
- It is no longer required to specify direction when using Levitate spell.
- It is no longer required to hold blank runes in the hand slot when conjuring runes.
- Ethereal Spear can now be conjured also by characters with no vocation.
- Exhaustion after casting conjure spells was reduced from 1000ms to 200ms.
- Magic level of mages and druids now decreases damage received with mana shield by 0.2% every 1 magic level.

- Added 'Rogue' outfit to Store offer.
- Added big mana potions to Store offer.

Death Penalty:
- Professions skills (Fishing, Mining, Cooking) are no longer reduced on death.
- Reduced base death penalty to 2.5%.
- Promotion and each blessing now reduce the death penalty by 0.3%.
- The lowest death penalty is now 0.4%.

- Key backpack can now be enchanted using painite crystals.
- Vials of manafluid now restore from 35 to 60 mana upon use. The average amount of mana restored remained the same.
- Lowered blood weapons level requirement from 200 to 150.
- Decreased weight of spellbooks.
- It is no longer possible to spill manafluid on the ground.
- Decreased shadow phoenix backpack's weight.
- Added big mana potions to magic items merchant's offer.
- Drinking a big mana potion applies 10 seconds cooldown during which it is not possible to drink mana fluids.
- The 'Vitality' attribute of a chilled backpack with Lightning attribute now works correctly.
- Ashlord doll now cures cursed condition on use. The effect of a soulfire rune is not cured.
- Primordial weapons now deal a different fire type damage - primordial fire, that can burn most creatures.
- Meteorite weapons now deal a different energy type damage that can damage most creatures.
- A dreadwave robe now increases the magic level of mages and druids by 1.
- Silver brooches are now stackable.
- Increased energy ring duration to 40 minutes.
- Changed defence and weapon type of several wands and staves.
- Burst arrows now deal 30% less maximum damage, but instead, minimum damage was increased by the same amount.
- Added small explosive runes, a replacement for burst arrows usable with wands and staves.
- Small explosive runes deal the same amount of damage as burst arrows and the area of the effect depends on the equipped type of weapon.
- Eschen Courtmage Ebarin now exchanges burst arrows for small explosive runes.
- A snow ravager amulet now provides resistance to ice type attacks.
- Corrected weight of poison missile rune.
- A golden attribute frame is now displayed on fishing rods with fish bait used.
- A message is now displayed when the last fish bait on the fishing rod was used or it will last for 10, 50 or 100 more tries.
- Rare fish are no longer edible in non-cooked form.
- Added 10-second cooldown after using baked lionfish. This meal now regenerates 1000 mana upon use.
- It is now possible to use an empty home package to pack the following items red and purple candles.
- Golden boots now increase the wearer's movement speed by 20.
- Increased effect duration of lionfish meals from 5 minutes to 7 minutes.
- Flaming Aegis now provides 2% fire damage resistance.
- Added great longsword, great mace, great quiver, great staff, meteorite crossbow, meteorite wand to Grazlin's crafting offer.
- Decreased weight of the following items:
* frost drake tail,
* frost dragon wing,
* spellbook,
* blue wyvern wing,
* red wyvern wing,
- It is now possible to enchant the following amulets with a blessed sigil:
* Jade and Ruby tears,
* Sapphire amulet,
* Solar amulet,
* Artifact of penance,
* Star amulet,
* Isingoma sigil,
* Snow ravager amulet.

Miscellaneous fixes & changes:
- Creatures introduced in the Sheol update now can drop items with attributes.
- Travelling Merchant now can appear in Thoris marketplace, in a house east of Eschen or in the harbour in Eschen.
- It is no longer possible to throw any items on top of fish pools.
- It is no longer possible to throw any inventory items on trash holder type items (water, swamp, tar, dustbin, etc.).
- Added hellforged armor and legs to Drolgurth's offer.
- Added a shortcut from Thoris to Arcanum Citadel.
- Magic items merchant's now purchasing vials through an NPC trade module only.
- Depot lockers of all cities, including Zarrith, Abukir and Icenhaal, can now be reached from a depot on Mauren island.
- Ebbe's ring of purity recharge service now costs proportionally to restored energy.
- White Lady can now exchange angelic items for dawnlights.
- Fixed an issue that enabled to trade with Ziyad without completing a quest.
- NPC Abu in Yehsha now displays the NPC trading module on right click.
- Omar in Abukir now spells food through the NPC trading module for a correct price depending on 'The Service of Omar' quest progress.
- Incorrect items sacrificed into the Soul Lake in Sheol are no longer destroyed, but teleported in front of a bridge.
- Stepping on a tile in front of depot in Zarrith now displays amount of items within a depot locker.
- Walking on snow and sand now leaves steps.
- Added 'Enhancing Amulet' quest.
- Corrected Anton's food offer within the NPC trading module.
- Eating a Maris feast meal no longer overrides the effects of a different type of Maris feast meal.
- Blocked one place on skeleton warlord hunting zone where it was not possible to use items and runes on yourself.
- It is no longer possible to throw items to a few unreachable places in Garrogat, Coldridge, Abukir, and Mittenhoff.
- Exiting nightmare hunting zone in Eschen now leads to an area outside of the protection zone.
- Following factions now appear as completed within quest log before completing one of the missions within the Imperial Faction:
* The Elf, Dwarf, Minotaur, Orc, Osaris factions.

Monsters & hunting zones:
- Slightly increased average amount of gold dropped by trolls.
- Slightly increased experience yielded by trolls.
- The icon of Light summoned during Archbishop Zorbar's boss fight no longer yields any loot.
- Frogs now yield a small amount of experience.
- Renamed Undead Behemoth to Undead Titan.
- Renamed Crocodile to Cayman.
- Increased interval between retargets of bookwarden and blasphemer.
- Decreased amount of experience yielded by Ancient Watchers.
- Removed Ancient Watcher's ability to decrease magic level.
- Increased spawn time of ancient watchers and oculus.
- Removed the third stack of gold from shadow drake's loot table.
- Removed brass legs from nether spider's loot table.
- Increased drop chance of plate armor from nether spider.
- Moved one hellstone ore on chaos hydra spawn from the northern part to the southern part of the spawn.
- Added ores on typhon spawn in Sheol.
- Added ores on blue fungi spawn in Sheol.
- Changed hunting zone and monster layout on red wyvern spawn in Mittenhoff to make it more player-friendly to hunt.
- Decreased spawn time of all demons in Garrogat outside the 'Demon Helmet' quest room.
- Increased spawn time of undead titans and skeleton warlords on hunting zone in Sheol.
- Decreased experience yielded by blue wyverns.
- Decreased spawn time of blue wyverns on a hunting zone east of Thoris.
- Slightly modified monster layout on Blue Wyvern hunting zone east of Thoris.
- Normalized Lernaean Hydra spawn timers on Giant Cobra hunting zone in Abukir.
- Slightly modified monster layout on Giant Cobra hunting zone in Abukir.
- Increased spawn time of monsters within the seal nearby the Black Lake.
- Replaced part of monsters within the seal nearby the Black Lake with their seal version.
- Seal version of monsters in Sheol now yield half of the experience points of their normal version.
- Reduced amount of experience yielded by Servant of Norae, Bloody Crawler, Observer and Parasite.
- Blue wyvern is now more resistant to energy damage (30%).

Graphical changes:
- Following sprites have been reworked:
* Amulets of the Elements,
* Shadowfall Crossbow,
* Flaming Aegis,
* Glass objects,
* Grass borders,
* Skeleton warlord corpse.
* Poison hit effect,
* Glass sprites,

Posted 5 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Community Manager
We would also like to thank all players who participated in the test server and helped us release the Sheol update faster. For all the efforts we decided to reward each player accordingly to input during the testing phase. The following list contains a player's name along with the reward tier they belong to. Since a long time has passed since the update release, some of you might have changed your name. In that case, please contact us through Discord's ticket system (

Tier 1:
- Kopek
- Magic Break
- Dog Follower
- Littlehoof
- Itron
- Karliaah
- Javat
- Deriux
- Rakshy
- Monero

Tier 2:
- The unnamed
- Lil Timmeh
- Herold
- Lurifaxxen
- Master Independent
- Raspberry Blast
- Xxplosive Malo

Tier 3:
- Pungent Stench
- Allunir
- Slymantis
- Plopp
- Imma Be

Tier 4:
- Fred
- Unga doidow
- Focka'Ez
- Shambok
- Sakrey
- Minnowzin
- Not Nano
- Irma Claudete

Tier 5:
- Scharfschutzenmeister
- Rlx
- Community Effort
- Margo
- Gnjusni
- Unagi
- Abay Epoxx
- Rikimartin
- Siam
- Kung Apell
- Cukiyaa
- Gurd
- Charles Canter
- Desonline Doidow
- Juggis
- Knight templario
- Tankenstein
- Nezak
- Quint Beastwood
- Barbswnk
- Zardoc
- Mallee
- Gumowy Koszmar
- Kims
- Mr Mud
- Panini matin
Posted 5 months ago by Eldrin (15 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I would like to take this opportunity and ask when is the new standard rate European server going to be added,
Posted 5 months ago by Narsiel (33 None of Legacy) Quote
Game Master
NarsielI would like to take this opportunity and ask when is the new standard rate European server going to be added,

What you mean by standard rate? Such as Legacy/Destiny/Odyssey? If yes next server won't be like those.
Posted 5 months ago by GM Madragor (1 None of Legacy) Quote
aww guys just dont make strife or smth like that :( We really want second legacy and then merge
Posted 5 months ago by Vaexistence (76 Archer of Purity) Quote
honestly the ctrl swap feature is the biggest one, I always craved for it haha
Posted 5 months ago by Carramba Huge Cojonez (91 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Superb changed, thank you!
Posted 5 months ago by Uroboric form (114 Royal Archer of Legacy) Quote
Very nice changes overall. I have one concern though:
How does minimal damage works? Looks like 400 mage would have 200 melee damage :) It is limited by maximal damage I guess?
Posted 5 months ago by Chrisor (140 Guardian Druid of Purity) Quote
Why is not Minnowzin on the list? He powergamed alot on the test server.
Posted 5 months ago by Saisha (432 Royal Archer of Legacy) Quote
This update is absolutely DANK. As a mage, I love you. Now all I need is a change in the Order of the Holy Rose reward... Because Heavy Frozen Missile is wack (compared to other vocation's reward)
Posted 5 months ago by Fri Itenz (370 High Mage of Pendulum) Quote
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