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Medivia update - 4.80 (Sheol)
Dear players

The long-awaited Sheol update has now been completed.
Over the last months of the test server, we discovered and repaired most of the bugs thanks to the hard work of testers who helped speed up the work of our developers.
We would like to thank all the players who did help us with the test server, therefore the most active testers will soon receive a small reward for their contribution.

The Empire of Maritsaia and Archini Guild is cooperating to save Medivia from the incoming demonic invasion!
All Imperial Royalists and Masters of Archini have been summoned to attend an audience with Emperor Arsene.

Following other changes were made as of today (note: Sheol changes are not mentioned within this post):

- In game textures are now being loaded on multiple threads (fade-in effect) to avoid any stuttering in game and speed up login time.
This option can be disabled in Settings => Graphics, but it is highly recommended not to disable it.
- Added borderless window option (Ctrl+B) to Graphics settings.
- Hotkeys except for F1-F12 are now disabled when WASD walking and chat is enabled.
- Decreased attack of an ethereal spear from 10 to 5.
- Added the possibility to reset xp/h by clicking on it within the skills window.
- Added force logout option to top-left "Logout" button.
- Ethereal spear now will now decay after 1500 uses.
- Fixed a bug in PvE death prevention which caused players to lose blesings anyway.
- Price of Skills Boost has been decreased from 10 MC to 5 MC.
- Option to purchase a boost of 3 hours (instead of 1 hour) has been added.
- XP Boost does now drain up to 4 minutes of offline time after login to avoid abuse.
- Stamina does start to regenerate when you are offline for more than 4 minutes.
- Decreased ore spawn range of carnotite, gold and wolframite ores from 100 SQM to 50 SQM.
- The basement walls in Stonehome Village 6 and 9 are all hangable now.
- Fixed a levitate bug next to the Magician's Street 2b house.
- Fixed a levitate bug next to the Stables Avenue 2a house.
- Changed the entrance of Castle Lane 1 from the east side to the south.
- Added windows to Castle Lane 1.
- Hyacinth now sells lesser healing runes within backpacks.
- Increased red robe's armor from 1 to 12.
- Renamed void staff to void mace.
- Renamed wand of might to staff of might.
- Renamed crystal wand to crystal staff.
- Changed properties (resistances) of umbral platemail, umbral plate armor and umbral robe.
- Fixed an issue regarding rope sound effect.
- Added a main minecart hub above a depot of Mittenhoff.
- Added 4 more Mittenhoff minecart destinations: Central Mittenhoff, Eastern Mittenhoff, Deeper Mittenhoff and Mines of Mittenhoff.
- Cooking recipes are now stackable.
- Slightly increased mana regeneration of promoted knights.
- Ethereal spear no longer decays, instead, it has 1500 charges.
- Slightly increased great axe's attack stat.

Changed names of vocations as follows:

- Sorcerer to Mage,
- Cleric to Druid,
- Scout to Archer,
- Warrior to Knight,
- Archmage to High Mage,
- Druid to Guardian Druid,
- Ranger to Royal Archer,
- Knight to Imperial Knight.

Graphical changes:

- Wands now emit light.
- Minor graphical fixes.

Feel free to watch some of our promotional videos sent to us by players:

Posted 7 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Wow, this is very impressive!
Posted 7 months ago by Mac Miller (109 Archer of Purity) Quote
Hey , will be cool if u guys give any information about new monsters/items
Posted 7 months ago by Honir (145 Guardian Druid of Purity) Quote
Hello my arcane staff appearance changed into a hammer is this a bug?
Posted 7 months ago by Qamari (163 Knight of Destiny) Quote
hello! do you perhaps have an idea about any updates to fix glibc error on linux?
Posted 7 months ago by Usnavi (46 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Idk its awesome and all but i got ways to got still to hunt there, would rather have more places for mage to hunt solo or maybe change the healing mechanic so i can use spell/runes while healing this update doesnt affect me
Posted 6 months ago by Sindan (72 Imperial Knight of Legacy) Quote
SindanIdk its awesome and all but i got ways to got still to hunt there, would rather have more places for mage to hunt solo or maybe change the healing mechanic so i can use spell/runes while healing this update doesnt affect me

Why do you play a retro version of Tibia from 7.4 when you want exhaust to be separate from healing exhaust. I applaud the makers of Medivia that they manage to add all these stuff, completely change formulas, completely change the entire game really BUT still manage to keep it the retro aspect of what was good from 7.4.

I just started looking at the posts here in forum, most of you want to go the same direction cipsoft did which caused me top stop playing Tibia.
Posted 6 months ago by Elite Dragon Felix (172 Archer of Destiny) Quote
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